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Cumbernauld Theatre appeal for hopeful talent ahead of Christmas panto preparations

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 23:24 GMT on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

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CUMBERNAULD Theatre is appealing for hopeful actors and actresses to step forward for the local theatre’s 2013 Christmas performance of the Snow Queen.

“The traditional, and respected, route to casting actors has relied almost entirely upon auditions advertised solely through a network of Agents. The transformative nature of the Net means it is now possible to significantly widen access routes to information on employment within Theatre for those not currently represented by agents, who may have diverse creative backgrounds, be later entrants to the profession or come from non-traditional training routes,” a Cumbernauld Theatre spokesperson told Cumbernauld Media.

“As part of our genuine commitment to diversity and as an Organisation that receives public investment we wish to ensure we proactively deliver on our Equal Opportunities policy in all areas of Employment. This includes short term contracts for actors, stage managers and other members of the Creative Team. We seek to ensure our approach creates a just and open Equality of Opportunity for all to gain meaningful employment within professional theatre in Scotland.”

Cumbernauld Theatre’s Christmas pantomime has been running for a number of years and attracts a large audience, often including local school pupils. 

“Cumbernauld Theatre is seeking 5 versatile actor/performers to work as an ensemble for our Christmas production of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen,” the theatre spokesperson added.

“We seek actor/performers with a strong commitment to creating visually exciting and emotionally involving work, an interest/experience in high quality Children’s Theatre and/or a background in Ensemble work, visual theatre, puppetry and object-led work, story-telling, clowning or physical comedy. We welcome submissions from actor/performers with a diverse range of creative experience or training traditions.”

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Cumbernauld Theatre are appealing for five actors – the roles of which are outlined below.

Actor 1 - Female, playing age approximately 16 to 19.

To play Gerda the heroine of the adventure story, who undertakes a journey of discovery and drama to save her best friend Kai, and in doing so learns a few lessons about growing up in a difficult and dangerous world. Gerda is an honest and innocent girl who comes to find her own inner strength and a determination to succeed. Gerda would suit a charming actress with high levels of empathy and a winning smile.

Actor 2 - Female, playing age between 25 to 40.

To play the Snow Queen, the most wicked character of our story and yet she is not a simple evil witch for the Snow Queen is a magical character with a sensuous, beguiling and charming energy which she uses to cast her powerful spell over Kai. Charismatic and clever, she has never lost a battle yet. The actress will also play various other parts in the Ensemble as cast likely to also include The Flower Lady and the Lapland Keeper.

Actor 3 - Female, playing age between 18 to 28. 

To play as cast within Ensemble including likely named parts of Princess of Dreams and The Robber Girl. The roles would suit a physically dynamic, versatile actress able to move comfortably both physically and vocally between these two key and other supporting Ensemble roles. The Princess of Dreams and The Robber Girl are diverse and strong high status characters that would benefit from an actress who enjoys playing both “good” and “evil” roles.

Actor 4 - Male, playing age between20 to 30.

To play as cast within Ensemble including the significant named part of Duggie The Dog, who becomes Gerda’s wide-cracking sidekick companion on her adventure journey. Duggie The Dog is less Toto in Wizard of Oz and and more Donkey in Shrek – he’s a cheeky, modern, Glasgow banter Dog who turns out to be a (somewhat reluctant) Hero. The part would suit an actor with excellent comic timing, great audience interaction skills, and strong visual comedy/visual performance skills. The part is not a “skin” part, but will sometimes require the actor to work “on-all-fours” and this requires the actor to be physically fit and comfortable with this level of physicality.

Actor 5 - Male, playing age between 20 to 30.

To play as cast within Ensemble likely including the significant named parts of Kai and The Old Crow. Kai is Gerda’s best friend, who is kidnapped by the Snow Queen and taken to the Ice Palace thus causing Gerda’s adventure. HE represents trust, honesty and faithfulness of friendship and would suit an actor that can build up genuine connection with audiences. The Old Crow is entirely opposite – a key story part who enables Gerda’s adventure by providing advice and assistance. This would suit an actor with good physical transformation skills as this is not a “skin” part.

The contract for the roles will last between Monday 28th October 2013 and Tuesday 24th December 2013, meaning its length is therefore 8 weeks and 2 days, with a weekly rate of £420. 

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Monday 27th May 2013, with auditions scheduled to be by 1.5 hour small group workshops, with AM and PM workshop slots available on both Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May 2013 at Cumbernauld Theatre.

To audition e-mail you CV (no larger than 10MB) to 

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