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Cumbernauld's Darroch Nursing Home appears to precede with extension plans

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 22:17 GMT on Thursday, May 30th, 2013.

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Fence constructed earlier this week suggests extension plans are to go ahead. Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

DARROCH Way Nursing Home may be about to commence work on the facility’s long awaited extension. 

The nursing home in the Seafar area of Cumbernauld has put in two applications for an extension of the building, one in June 2009, for outline planning permission, with a full application received by the council’s planning department on 26th March 2010. 

The plans would see the nursing home extend onto the large area of grass, to the back of the building.

The most recent decision notice was issued on 20th July 2010, and in the letter Patrick Kelly, Head of Planning and Development said that the application was granted because the, “nursing home is an established community facility within a residential locale.”

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An artist's impression of the Home's extension. Picture is copyright of Young and Gault.

The letter adds: “Although it is unfortunate that the development will lead to the loss of an area of open space, alternative areas of open space lie to the north of Darroch Way. Additional capacity for the facility is supported by the Council’s Social Work Services who advise that there is an under provision of such facilities within the Cumbernauld area.  The principle of the proposal is supported by the provisions of policy HG4 (residential amenity) of the Cumbernauld Local Plan 1993 and HCF1 (Protecting Housing and Community Facilities Resources) of the Finalised Draft North Lanarkshire Local Plan.”

Twelve conditions were attached to the conditional approval of the application, including a three year expiration of permission; the development is carried out in strict accordance to the approved details submitted as part of the application - with no change to the plan details allowed, without prior written approval of the Planning Authority; a Notice of Initiation must be submitted – and be satisfactory; within 4 weeks of completion of works a Notice of Completion must be submitted; pre-development full details of the facing materials to be used on all external walls and roofs should be submitted to, and approved in writing by the Planning Authority, in addition to a scheme of landscaping, which should be approved under the terms of approval; full details of the proposed surface water drainage scheme should be made available, and approved;  11 parking spaces illustrated on the approved plans should be constructed to the satisfaction of the Council's Roads; a security lighting scheme for the rear of the building should be submitted to and approved in writing by the Planning Authority, followed by installation and maintenance; and, before any works start on site, revised elevation and internal floor plan drawings should be submitted for the approval in writing of the Planning Authority.

Nobody at the Nursing Home was available for comment, although twenty-seven wooden posts have been erected on one side of the proposed development area, adjacent to the pedestrian pavement which allows walkers access to the ‘rocky’ path to Cumbernauld Village and footbridge to Kildrum’s Braehead Road. 

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