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Facebook for chaplains is designed by Cumbernauld College students

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 23:42 GMT on Monday, June 10th, 2013.

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Cumbernauld College students designed the website. Picture is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

TECH-SAVVY Cumbernauld College students have built a new website – which will be used by Church of Scotland ministers.

Cumbernauld College Computing students, Iain John Baker and Colleen Smith have spent a year building the site to allow chaplains, who are working in the education sector, to communicate with each other and share best practice.

The project, which also involved assistance from a Kilmarnock College student, is due to be launched this month, with the students behind the new website invited to preview the website to ministers who had gathered in Edinburgh for a meeting of the General Assembly. 

The four students behind the project attended a lunch hosted by Edinburgh’s Lord Provost and presented the website to an audience of more than 100 people.

Iain, 26, from Cumbernauld, said it was a “great experience”.

Iain added: “It’s been a lot of hard work but we are all really proud of the final product and attending the lunch gave us the opportunity to present it to the people who will be using it.

“We were speaking to the Lord Provost and he was really interested in the project and the benefits it would have, which was a huge boost for us.”

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The Cumbernauld students had a busy day as they sat their HNC Computing exam in the morning before making their way to the capital for their preview meeting.

Colleen, 35, also from Cumbernauld, added: “I was looking forward to the presentation but as my exam was in the morning I needed to ensure I was prepared. Both went really well and the feedback about the website has been really positive.

“We are now just making the final changes before it goes live in June.”

Ewan Aitken, secretary of the Church and Society Council, has been working with the students on this project. He said the idea was to create a forum to provide “support” and “share best practice”.

Ewan said: “We wanted to create a dedicated website for Chaplains working in schools and colleges throughout Scotland as a forum to support each other and share best practice. I knew there would be students capable of carrying out this work, so I wrote to all the colleges and Cumbernauld College and Kilmarnock College were the first to respond.

“We were looking to create a forum that would be a safe digital space for chaplains to use and they really grasped that concept straight away. I was also really impressed at how well all three students worked together, the collaboration has been brilliant.

“The website gave the students an opportunity to work on a real project that will have a positive impact on ministers working in education. Being able to preview the website was ideal as members were able to see and understand this new support network.

“We look forward to launching the website in June.”

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