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Cumbernauld schoolboy starts in national RBS advertising campaign

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 00:32 GMT on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013.

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Young Ethan is more than just a local star. Screenshot is copyright of RBS.

CUMBERNAULD schoolboy Ethan Oliver is now a national star after he was cast for the leading role in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s latest advert. 

The seven-year-old, who attends Condorrat Primary, is now a local – and national star – after he was cast for the leading role in the latest RBS adverts, which attempts to promote RBS mortgages.

Shot in London, the RBS advert’s story is based around young Ethan telling the story of how his family came to own their home after a loan from RBS. 

As part of the production Ethan got to play with snails, wear fancy dress and run around the set, although he’s not the only young star to be cast in adverts – but the latest; after Brian Mackie starred in the Hovis advert five years ago, as well as John Lewis Christmas star, Lewis McGowan, two years ago.

Talking to the Daily Record’s Brian McIver Ethan said he enjoyed being on set to jump around like “a maniac on a rocket”; describing the experience as “great fun”. 

He added: “Everyone was really nice to me and my mum. My favourite part was holding the snails.”

“I would do it again but next time I want to be the guy that does all the shouting and tells people what to do. I want to be the director.

Chosen for the role by award-winning Scots casting agent Claire Catterson, young Ethan’s stardom started through Facebook, when his mum Yvonne Watt, 38, heard about the appeal for a confident but natural young boy, about Ethan’s age - through a mutual Facebook friend.

After learning of the opportunity, Yvonne sent in Ethan’s demo tapes, which proved to be such as hit that Ethan was immediately offered auditions for 4 commercials – one of which was the RBS, where Ethan landed the role after a meeting with the production team in London – a meeting which seen the young Scot on set within days of the meeting.

Casting agent Claire told the Daily Record that Ethan was “full of character”, with “a great personality.”

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Claire added: “He had to do several different improvisations and did them all well. He is a wee boy who listens and takes direction well and that’s important because casting can be difficult.

“It was Ethan, myself and the cameraman for the audition in the studio and nothing fazed him at all. He made us all laugh.

“A confident wee boy like that can only get better. He comes from a lovely family, is very mannerly and polite. I can’t speak highly enough of him.”

The first advert aired during an episode of Britain’s Got Talent last week – which Ethan watched with his dad Steve, and Ethan recalls that everybody at school was “really nice” after seeing Ethan in his role.

He said: “Everyone in school was saying how they saw me on the telly and they were all really nice. They said they thought I was good.”

“It was a real surprise when it came on. It was fun watching it and showing it to people.”

An RBS spokesman said: “We deliberately picked someone for the advert that had no previous acting experience and when we met Ethan, it was clear he was a natural and at ease in front of the camera.

“Ethan was a delight to work with and we’re really pleased he’s being recognised for his role in the advert.”

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