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Scottish Water advises Scots to "Play your part - be water smart"

Written by William Ancell.
Published at 12:00 GMT on Friday, June 31st, 2013.

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SCOTTISH Water is launching a summer campaign to help families reduce their water usage and save money.
Research by the Department for Energy and Climate Change shows 18% of domestic energy use is used for heating water, and with high energy prices it makes good sense for Scots to use water wisely.
The utility firm has compiled a range of web-based resources including videos, an online efficiency calculator and a host of other water saving tips at
To mark the launch of the campaign, the first 100 customers to email will receive a free shower timer, which can save water and money on energy bills. The same shower timers were recently featured on ITV’s “The Martin Lewis Money Show”.
Saving water is also a very green approach. It requires substantial amounts of power, and therefore carbon emissions, to treat and deliver it to homes. Scotland’s wet climate may mean we have easy access to raw water, but that is only one part of the overall process.

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Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer, Scottish Water, said: “The average Scot uses 150 litres of water a day, or just under 55,000 litres a year, the equivalent of roughly two tankers.
“Treating water and transporting it to customers has a cost and contributes to Scottish Water being one of the country’s biggest purchasers of electricity.
“Less water used means less energy, helping Scottish Water keep average household bills the lowest in Great Britain and keeping our carbon use per litre of water produced the lowest of any water company in the UK.”
Scottish Water is also making massive differences within its own business to reduce the amount of water produced and used. Leakage has been reduced by nearly 50% since 2006.
Scottish Water has also audited all its major offices to identify and implement actions needed to reduce its own water use, handed out shower timers for staff and kicked off an internal campaign to make all 3,600 employees of Scottish Water into water efficiency ambassadors.
Scottish Water is also working on an education programme that will encourage future generations to value water as a precious resource and inform young people about the role the utility plays in protecting the environment and sustaining wildlife throughout Scotland.
Since Scottish Water was formed in 2002, running costs have been cut 40 per cent while it has delivered the biggest investment programme per household in the UK – £199 per household has been invested in the last financial year alone.

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