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Cumbernauld Environmental Society hold second Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:40 GMT on Friday, June 21st, 2013.

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Conference aims to be a road to positive change. Image is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

THE key organisations that could make help make positive improvements to Cumbernauld’s much maligned town centre have gotten together, for the second time, after the town’s Environmental Society held their second Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference. 

The meeting was independently chaired by local Rotarian, Professor Frank Clark, with the event organised by Cumbernauld Environmental Society; focussed on the aim of Cumbernauld town centre regeneration and overall improvements to the town’s centre complex, which is spread across Central Way. 

June’s meeting follows a first conference by the Cumbernauld Environmental Society, in January, where the attendees to the conference heard all about the challenges faced by the town centre; its split owner and past projects. 

However, at this second conference, key stakeholders were gathered together to discuss how things had progressed, with guest speakers at the conference including Allan Graham, Chair, CCCL; Lorna Bowden, Business Manager of Strategic Planning, NLC; and, Malcolm Fraser, Chair, Scottish Government National Review of Town Centres. 

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On their website, the Environmental Society’s website say that, “Each of the three presentations were informative and engaging and helped to outline a potential direction for Cumbernauld Town Centre’s regeneration.”

The meeting was mainly focused on North Lanarkshire Council’s Cumbernauld Town Centre Action Plan, which will set out a vision and future direction for Cumbernauld Town Centre.

The authority’s action plan which will set out its plans for the area’s town centre, for the next two years,  is being finalised, with Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd (CCCL) currently in the progress of setting out their own direction for taking forward improvements in and around Cumbernauld town centre, with the group’s chair, Councillor Graham promising no more waves or Arria, but instead investment in the town centre.

Cumbernauld Environmental Society will be holding the next Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference in the autumn, with their website adding: “By working together we are confident the community can play a key role in the delivery of wide reaching improvements to our much maligned town centre.”

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