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Community Safety Partnership launch new logo and mission statement

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:46 GMT on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013.

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Cutting crime is essential for better communities, say CSP. Image is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

NORTH Lanarkshire's flagship Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is helping to improve the lives of local people across the area; working on its mission to see a safer, healthier and more confident North Lanarkshire.

Until now the Partnership has cut street drinking by over half, reduced fly tipping and littering by taking a pro-active approach and issuing fixed penalty notices, as well as helping young drivers to stay safe by delivering the 'Cut it Out' awareness programme, in over 750 secondary schools.

"Community safety is essential to the quality of life of the people in North Lanarkshire," Pauline Nicholas, Chair of the Partnership explained. "Everyone has the right to live and work in safe and secure communities and to feel safe when they go about their day-to-day life.

"The partnership tackles a range of issues that improve the quality of life of people in local communities. Whether it's educating people or preventing accidents in the home; or helping young people to make the correct choices in life; or targeting organised crime and antisocial behaviour - our work covers so many areas."

The partnership's main aims include sharing good practice to improve local services; setting and meeting shared aims and targets; demonstrating how the partnership's work is making a difference across communities; actively involving input from local people and setting priorities based on their concerns, and, regularly telling them about the work that they are doing, all to ensure a reduction in crime; improve fire safety; make neighbourhoods better and improving road safety - are effective and co-ordinated across all services and that they work.

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As part of the Partnership, local communities play their part, and through local community groups, residents tell North Lanarkshire Council the issues they want tackled in their communities. 

“We know that antisocial behaviour is a top concern locally and we're committed to tackling those involved in persistent antisocial behaviour,” the North Lanarkshire Council exclaims. “The partnership dedicates resources where they are needed most. This ensures all services are focussed on tackling the causes impacting negatively in a community. Whether this involves, drugs, alcohol, violence or disorder, the partners will work together to keep North Lanarkshire safe.”

The CSP involves officials from North Lanarkshire Council, Police Scotland, Scotland Fire and Rescue, NHS Lanarkshire, Town Centre Activities Ltd, Lanarkshire Community Justice Authority, Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership and the Procurator Fiscal, and all put pen to paper by signing a new mission statement and launching a new logo, this week.

"One of the area's the CSP is keen to expand on is its communication with local communities," Pauline added.

"We want to tell more people about our work and about what's happening in their area, while at the same time encourage them to feedback to us. Residents can report any issues of concern to their local police teams or to the council's Customer Contact Centre, Northline.

"All the partners involved are working together to support and improve communities and are committed to making North Lanarkshire a safer place to live."

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