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Cumbernauld Socialist Party say Abronhill "let down" on school closure approval

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:50 GMT on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

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Scottish Government approved Abronhill high closure last week. Image is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

CUMBERNAULD’S Socialist Party branch members have poured cold water over the Scottish Government’s backing of North Lanarkshire Council plans to merge Abronhill High with Cumbernauld High School.

The Scottish Socialist Party branch in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are just the latest people to add their voices to the ongoing discourse being vocalised by activists, campaigners, politicians, residents and students at Abronhill High School. 

On June 28th, 2013, the Scottish Government approved North Lanarkshire Council plans to close Abronhill High School next August, and then move education to Cumbernauld High School, with the promise of a new build school in the coming years, as a direct result. 

Local SSP spokesperson Willie O’Neill, however, says that Abronhill has simply been “let down”.

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He said: “Abronhill parents have been let down again by the Government’s decision to uphold the proposed closure of Abronhill High. It would appear that politicians of whatever stripe and at whatever level of Government cannot see beyond the financial bottom line when it comes to making decisions about children’s education. Valid concerns about the safety of kids travelling to the new school and the educational impact of this change have been completely ignored once again.”

The SSP has pledged to continue to support local campaigners against the school closure.

Mr O’Neill added: “We will continue to offer our support to the local campaign group in their attempt to reverse this decision and to ensure that Abronhill High has a future beyond next year.”

The group’s comments come on the day that letters from the Scottish Government appear to be consulting local education chiefs on plans to close Cumbernauld College as part of the establishment’s merger with Motherwell College. 

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