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Cumbernauld to once again host Extreme Stunt Show

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:55 GMT on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

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Broadwood Stadium will be the venue for the stunt show. Image is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

CUMBERNAULD residents with an addiction to adrenaline are being invited to Broadwood Stadium, later this month, as the Extreme Stunt Show returns to Cumbernauld.

“The most exciting, exhilarating and fastest growing motorsport event in Europe is heading your way. From monster truck mayhem to back flipping motocross, the Extreme Stunt Show has it all, live and unbelievable,” a spokesperson for The Extreme Stunt Show explained.

“2013 is bursting with anticipation, as the log awaited return of over 140 towns buckle their seatbelts ready for the thrill of a lifetime.  Extreme Events Europe prides itself on delivering quality family entertainment with a difference.  Monster stunts have been perfected and the stuntmen are sure to bring Extreme to your hometown and making Extreme a state of mind.”

The show will take over Cumbernauld’s Broadwood Stadium on Wednesday July, 17th, 2013 and Thursday July, 18th, 2013, starting from 7.30pm on both nights. 

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“The Extreme Stunt Show Arena is home to all the favourites including our very own monstrous trucks Extreme and Lil’ Devil (Guinness World Record),” the group’s spokesperson added.  “Drivers Glen Wise and Mark Glover will show you how to handle a 2000 plus horse powered mammoth machine.  These mean machines have been in Extreme’s Monster Garage getting a full MOT before returning for the 2013 Summer Season.  

“Look to the horizon as you witness our motocross madmen fly through the air Dave Wiggins and Josh Grindrod will reach new heights as they perform their death defying FMX stunts. This isn’t for the faint hearted – our daredevil duo don’t believe in boundaries and you are sure to witness the impossible, ad to this the PRO BMX Trials and Mountain Bike Riders of tomorrow

“Our trained professionals are typical showman.  Ignoring all fundamental forces and defying gravity, these guys will be flying through fire, turning themselves into a human inferno, jumping ramp to ramp on quads and buggies and putting anything with four wheels onto two wheels.”

Tickets can be purchased online, 

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