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Cumbernauld College closure is paper-only; no campuses will close

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:47 GMT on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

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Image is copyright of Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

THE Scottish Government has indicated that the closure of Cumbernauld College as part of the establishment’s merger with its Motherwell counterpart is purely for business purposes, and not a full blown campus closure.

Earlier today Cumbernauld Media led on the reaction that letters sent from the Scottish Government appeared to “order the closure” of Cumbernauld College, as part of the institution’s merger with Motherwell College, to form New College Lanarkshire.

However, the Scottish Government appears to have only said that the closure is only for logistics, and would not actually see Cumbernauld College shut up shop. 

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In this week’s Cumbernauld News, Central Scotland MSP, Mark Griffin and Cumbernauld Labour MP, Gregg McClymont said that the letter showed that Cumbernauld College was being “swallowed up” by Motherwell College, in what was described as a “raw deal”, by Mark Griffin MSP.

This morning the subject caused a rousing debate via social networking website, Facebook, as the story went viral. However, the Scottish Government – despite not currently being able to release a statement – suggested that  the closure refers purely to the liquidation of Cumbernauld College, with its assets, copyrights, properties, staff and students moving over to the property of Motherwell College, before a new institution – New College Lanarkshire – comes into life, this November. 

Both colleges acknowledged in their post-consultation analysis paper that, “The new college will operate from its existing campuses in Cumbernauld, East Dunbartonshire and Motherwell with links to community learning centres across the region, from November 2013.”

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