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Cumbernauld Post Office to close later today in 8th round of action

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 09:46 GMT on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013.

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Picture: Scott Campbell/ Cumbernauld Media.

STAFF at Cumbernauld’s main post office will turn off their computers, shut up their stalls and switch off the lights this afternoon, in an eighth round of strike action.

The Communication Workers Union has announced that staff at 372 crown post offices across the United Kingdom will once again go on strike, as a dispute over closures, jobs, and pay rumbles on.

At 12.30pm, this afternoon, staff at the post office will shut up shop and go on strike, until the store’s regular closing time, with some workers using the strike action to march on Portcullis House, at Westminster. 

The Post Office wants to close and/or franchise 75 Crown offices, 20% of the network, and cut up to 1,500 jobs. These main offices comprise 3% of total post offices but handle 20% of all customers and 40% of all financial services sales making them the powerhouse of the network. 

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The CWU is also contending a pay freeze, which has seen Crown Post Office staff go without a pay rise since April 2011, while all other staff represented by CWU in the Post Office have had two pay rises totalling 6.75% in this period while head office managers shared a bonus pot of £15.4 million. 

Dave Ward, CWU deputy general secretary, said: "Post Office plans to close offices, cut jobs and reduce services cannot go on unchallenged. It's time that government stood up for these highly-valued local services which their constituents are signing petitions for in their tens of thousands. We are calling on Chief Executive Paula Vennells to now lead talks to resolve this. 

"Our members are taking a strong stand with this latest eighth round of strike action. Their determination has been unwavering because they know they are right; they are standing up to protect jobs, services and for a fair pay rise. The company is in disarray and clearly out of touch with both its staff and customers. A positive solution can be reached to protect jobs and services if only the company - and perhaps government - will put the effort in." 

Today’s strike action follows a work by Post Office staff, when CWU Post Office staff voted by nine to one (88%) in favour of strike.

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