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Clyde: We’re sorry for last week’s “aggressive” behaviour by some supporters

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:40 GMT on Thursday, July 25th, 2013.

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Picture: Cumbernauld Media
CUMBERNAULD’S Clyde Football Club have said that it is the “intention of the board” that a select group of the club’s fans are banned from Broadwood Stadium matches, for the rest of this year, after a display of aggressive behaviour at a match against Dundee, last week.

The club released a statement last Wednesday (17th July 2013) after a match against Dundee the night before seen a number of Clyde supporters ejected following abusive language and aggressive behaviour.

“During the match against Dundee last night, ten supporters were ejected following continued use of abusive language and, despite repeated requests to stop, continued and subsequently displayed aggressive behaviour,” a club statement professed on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013.

“Further to reports from the police, stewards and club officials received today it is the intention of the board to ban the supporters who were ejected from attending any future matches at Broadwood in 2013 and, if in the future there is a repeat of the conduct displayed by those individuals, life bans will be considered.”
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The statement added that the club would like to extend their “apologises” to “those individuals attending last night who were offended by this behaviour.”

It added: “As stated previously, supporting our club is a passionate affair and everyone enjoys the often cutting and clever wit that football supporters are well known for. However, most of us recognise the line that is crossed when passion becomes something less positive and the clever wit descends into foul or abusive personal assaults. Sadly our club has developed a reputation throughout football for too often falling on the wrong side of the line.

“A minority of our support dragged down the reputation of the club and Clyde supporters in general last night.

“We trust that the action taken by the club during the match and the subsequent actions today demonstrate our intolerance of the behaviour displayed and our determination to restore the good name of Clyde FC.”
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