Local 'Yes' campaign to launch today

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 18:24 on 23 June 2012.
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Yes Scotland’s “community action weekend” will be coming to Cumbernauld and Kilsyth today as local activists pound the streets of Kilsyth and Condorrat Main Streets as well as Cumbernauld Town Centre.
Activists will be out in their numbers as they explain how independence would benefit Scotland, whilst trying to sign supporters up to the ‘Yes Declaration,’ which the cross party campaign, Yes Scotland hopes to get 1 million people signed up to as the referendum nears, in 2014.

In a post on the Yes Scotland website, Fiona MacGregor wrote that whether people are out “…shopping in Glasgow's bustling Buchanan Street, splashing around at a traditional boat festival in Banff, or taking in some culture in a country town art gallery in Dumfries and Galloway, there will be plenty of opportunities to find out more about the benefits of an independent Scotland.”

She added: “It's all thanks to some of the 5,000 volunteers now helping to spread the Yes Scotland message that Scotland's future should be in Scotland's hands."

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