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Business news
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11 September 2015 Cumbernauld Shopping Centre picks up environmental award 
24 June 2015 Modern Apprenticeships making a mark in North Lanarkshire 
24 June 2015 Farmfoods seek permission to expand Cumbernauld HQ 
22 May 2015 Cumbernauld's B&Q store granted a stay of execution 
22 May 2015 Aldi committed to Cumbernauld despite 4 months of inaction 
22 May 2015 Permission sought to expand Cumbernauld hotel 
16 March 2015 Town’s MSP visits Food and Drink Hub 
8 March 2015 Which? survey puts North Lanarkshire top for food hygiene 
5 February 2015 New Year, new look, and new support for Cumbernauld Media 
29 January 2015 Cumbernauld saved from Tesco store axe 
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Community news
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18 November 2015 First refugees in North Lanarkshire expected next week 
18 November 2015 Power cut in parts of Airdrie and Cumbernauld 
17 November 2015 Carbrain kids organise Christmas foodbank collection 
15 November 2015 PCS call Cumbernauld Tax Office campaign meeting 
12 November 2015 Tax office closure confirmed 
11 November 2015 RISE rejects council’s proposed savings 
11 November 2015 Town’s shopping centre ‘for sale’ 
11 November 2015 Tax Office fate will be known tomorrow 
11 November 2015 Bus stance improvements nearing 
11 November 2015 Cumbernauld Town Centre value increases 
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Crime news
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2 October 2015 Police investigating "suspicious" death in Carbrain 
11 September 2015 Lottery scam warning issued by trading standards 
1 September 2015 Cat injured in air gun attack 
22 August 2015 Man loses his life after ‘incident’ in Kildrum 
16 July 2015 Cumbernauld teen is found ‘safe and well’ 
12 July 2015 Man hunt launched for missing Cumbernauld teen 
12 July 2015 Lanarkshire rape prevention campaign launched 
22 May 2015 Attempted murder in Millcroft Road 
19 May 2015 Police hunt Cumbernauld car thieves 
6 May 2015 Missing Carbrain child claims ‘incorrect’, Police say 
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Education news
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15 September 2015 Funding to target poorest pupils 
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld apprentice is named Lanarkshire's Apprentice of the Year  
8 March 2015 Minister talks poverty with Cumbernauld students 
29 January 2015 New College Lanarkshire students cook up a storm for MSPs 
20 January 2015 Work starts on new Cumbernauld school campus 
22 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s Redburn Nursery School closure given the go ahead 
17 June 2014 Abronhill high staff morale "shockingly low" as pupils pack for move 
19 May 2014 Gregory’s Girl school demolition progresses 
3 May 2014 North Lanarkshire Council proposes day off on #IndyRef for Cumbernauld pupils 
3 May 2014 Cumbernauld students do Lanarkshire proud in Worldskills UK competition 
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Entertainment news
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1 September 2015 Film studio decision in limbo 
19 May 2015 Casting call for Cumbernauld sci-fi production 
8 March 2015 Casting call for Outlander season 2 closes 
6 February 2015 Fringe First winning Sanitise is coming to Cumbernauld 
22 January 2015 REVIEW: PS4 vs. Xbox One 
17 May 2014 ‘MONEY: the game show’ is coming to Cumbernauld Theatre 
25 April 2014 Attica Rage and DJ Tom Russell Launch New Rock Club in Cumbernauld 
14 November 2013 It’s a musical Movember in Cumbernauld as events group announce charity fundraiser 
17 September 2013 Former Cumbernauld Theatre artistic director dies, aged 58 
17 September 2013 Main female role is filled as filming and production kicks off, in Cumbernauld, for Outlander 
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Environment news

Health news
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10 July 2015 Event sees progress on new intensive care unit at Monklands Hospital 
10 July 2015 Baby-friendly Lanarkshire 
24 June 2015 NHS appeal for volunteer drivers in Cumbernauld 
24 June 2015 Authorities issue drugs warning 
19 May 2015 It’s national Walk to School Week 
8 March 2015 Crucial role of unpaid carers is the focal point of summit 
3 February 2015 Timed visits improve patient care 
30 January 2015 Health board welcomes Scotland-wide out-of-hours review 
29 January 2015 Hospital at home team’s innovative approach to care praised by health chief 
29 January 2015 New radio station set to rock the airwaves for older people 
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Opinion news
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21 August 2013 The problem with Cumbernauld town centre is neglect; ‘Crap Towns’ co-editor speaks out 
7 August 2013 Playparks, Facebook and more; Cumbernauld Community Park reflect on May 2013 
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Political news
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11 September 2015 Cumbernauld Labour back Burnham 
11 September 2015 RISE party to launch Cumbernauld branch 
11 September 2015 In hot water; town’s politicians demand answers from Scottish Water 
5 September 2015 MP receives heart-touching letter from 7-year-old constituent 
16 July 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP endorsed by party as 2016 candidate 
16 July 2015 MP McDonald makes maiden speech 
16 July 2015 Town’s former MP finds new job 
24 June 2015 Leading from the left 
24 June 2015 SNP duo welcome Cumbernauld Colts’ acceptance to the Lowland League 
5 June 2015 Politicians express RBS Cumbernauld branch closure concerns 
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Sports news
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20 September 2015 Cumbernauld 10k results 
15 September 2015 Broadwood event promotes safe cycling 
12 July 2015 Cumbernauld Colts celebrate players’ efforts 
26 June 2015 Clyde move out of Cumbernauld closer than ever 
24 June 2015 Cumbernauld Colts to play in the Lowland League 
24 June 2015 Cumbernauld takes the gold after cleaning up at NL sports awards 
11 July 2014 Date for Cumbernauld 10k 2014 is announced 
22 June 2014 Baton protest mothballed ahead of Cumbernauld relay leg 
22 June 2014 Sport activities to take place throughout the summer 
17 June 2014 Making a racket over proposed Cumbernauld tennis courts 
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Transport news
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15 September 2015 Follow-up event on Abronhill transport study 
11 September 2015 Stagecoach announce investment in Cumbernauld 
11 September 2015 Parapet works to Abronhill line 
2 September 2015 X5 service to be pulled 
1 September 2015 Fears that Cumbernauld bus route may be for the axe 
12 July 2015 EGIP work to cause temporary closure of Drumgrew road-bridge 
12 July 2015 Cumbernauld’s bad parkers ‘shamed’ online 
6 February 2015 Don’t risk it! Crossing misuse endangers lives 
10 November 2014 Accident on Cumbernauld's Central Way 
24 August 2014 New bus route announced for Cumbernauld 
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Weird and Wonderful 
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15 December 2013 Cumbernauld dazzled by spectacular light show as thunder and lightning streak across central Scotland 
17 September 2013 Talks are signalled as council seek to get Cumbernauld online through free town centre wi-fi 
20 August 2013 Cumbernauld urged to attend Airdrie 'sleep-out' as Bedroom Tax battle continues 
7 August 2013 Closing a chapter; Cumbernauld Library’s staffing woes hit visitors 
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