Sunday Herald declares backing for a Yes vote in Scottish #IndyRef

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 22:09 on 3 May 2014.
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The Sunday Herald's front page. Copyright: Sunday Herald.

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IN WHAT is undoubtedly an advantage to the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign, the ‘Sunday Herald’ has declared itself a backer of Scottish independence.

At 9:30pm this evening (3rd May 2014), the newspaper declared “The Sunday Herald says YES”, as the paper published the first look of the front page of tomorrow’s Sunday Herald edition is first paper to back Scottish independence

The Sunday Herald will carry a full editorial of their reasons for backing Scottish independence in tomorrow’s newspaper, but the paper has already made its stance clear, declaring in an online article tonight that: “The Sunday Herald has become the first Scottish newspaper to support independence.”

Already, the paper’s tweet which includes its first look at tomorrow’s edition has been shared some 422 times by fellow Twitter users, although some of the paper’s followers say they aren’t surprised by the Sunday Herald’s declaration.

Glasgow City Councillor, Malcolm Cunning replied to the newspaper’s Twitter account, saying: “I was expecting news not a statement of the bleeding obvious”, although the paper has receives more comments of support rather than criticism, with another Twitter user saying: “'ll be buying two copies from tomorrow, and subscribing online.”

In a specially designed front page, Alasdair Gray, the famous artist, author and advocate of a Yes vote in September’s referendum, has splashed the Sunday Herald’s cover in a large thistle, where the thorns are replaced by the St. Andrew’s Cross, whilst the bleed around the front page is decorated with a border consisting of four lions playing bagpipes as well as thistles, Saltires and lion rampants.

In defence of their position, the Sunday Herald says: ''Scotland is an ancient nation and a modern society. We understand the past, as best we can, and guess at the future. But history is as nothing to the lives of the children being born now, this morning, in the cities, towns and villages of this country.”

Providing a preview of the full editorial in tomorrow’s newspaper, the Sunday Herald adds: "On their behalf, we assert a claim to a better, more decent, more just future in which a country's governments will be ruled always by the decisions of its citizens.''

The newspaper had previously supported the Scottish National Party in both the 2007 and 2011 Scottish Parliament elections, although the paper’s editor has said that tonight’s declaration doesn’t mean the Sunday Herald will favour any particular political party during the referendum campaign. 

Tonight’s announcement comes after The Herald & Times Group, publisher of the Sunday Herald, The Herald and the Evening Times, gave each of their titles' editors’ freedom to take their own editorial position on the future of Scotland. However, the company is itself non-political and neutral, and the Sunday Herald says that it will remain independent and balanced in its reporting of events in the run up to September’s vote.

In a previous of tomorrow’s full editorial, the Sunday Herald again told readers that: “The Herald has not declared an opinion on the referendum question. It will be up to its editor to decide when and if to do so.

“HeraldScotland incorporates content from both print titles and also publishes a balanced range of online-only articles relating to the referendum. Our readers' forum is a neutral commenting facility and our moderating team will remain impartial in the independence debate.”

The Sunday Herald is on sale tomorrow (4th May 2014) for £1.30. 
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