New Year, new look, and new support for Cumbernauld Media

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 00:01 on 5 February 2015

Business    Cumbernauld Taxis

The sponsorship means you’ll occasionally see their deals popping up on Cumbernauld Media, in addition to offers and fare announcements. 

Cumbernauld Media's brand new, fresh logo

WE ARE well and truly into 2015 – and, with our fifth anniversary coming up soon we’ve decided it’s out with the old and in with the new.

The keen eyed amongst our average weekly readership of 16,000 readers will notice the new site layout, logo and graphics. 

However, some of you might only notice the colour change. And, whichever you notice, we have an even bigger announcement to make.

Drum roll please…. Cumbernauld Media is proud to welcome Cumbernauld Taxis as our first ever sponsor. Yes, that’s right – Cumbernauld Taxis, Cumbernauld’s original, local taxi firm has sponsored Cumbernauld’s local website.

The sponsorship means you’ll occasionally see their deals popping up on Cumbernauld Media, in addition to offers and fare announcements. 

However, aside from the perks afforded to Cumbernauld Taxis as part of the sponsorship, the deal now means that Cumbernauld Media is here to stay. 

We are proud to welcome them as our sponsors, not least because this summer will welcome our fifth anniversary – and, you’re all invited, of course; we’ll bring the cake and buffet food if you bring your best dance moves - it’s a BYOB too, obviously. 

Bad jokes aside, you did read correctly - we’ve been on the go for five years now; I’m 21-years-old now, and those of you who have stuck with us from the start will look back and think the same. Although, I must admit, you don’t seem to show a day of it on your faces – you youthful bunch of amazing folk. 

I started Cumbernauld Media in 2010. Known as, I was laughed at, shouted down and ignored by any professional journalist or corporate communications department. Today, though, it’s a very different story – my contact list is fit to bursting and I no longer need be ashamed when I state my name and publication whenever contacting press centres.

Going from ‘just another website’ to Cumbernauld’s Sky News equivalent of ‘First for Breaking News… in Cumbernauld’, Cumbernauld Media has grown from struggling to 100 total views in one month to earning an average weekly readership of 16,808, on, with another 45,000 people viewing our Facebook posts throughout the week too, on average. 

Taken together that’s 61,808 people, on average, every week. Gone are the days of having to fight for exposure and promotion; and, with Cumbernauld Taxis as our first-ever sponsor I raise my glass, say thanks to them for their support, thanks to each of you wonderful readers for your support, and of course – here’s to the next five years.

Three cheers for Cumbernauld Media - hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.