Permission sought to expand Cumbernauld hotel

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 10:56 on 22 May 2015

Premier Inn

Cumbernauld's Premier Inn has plans to expand the number of rooms. Picture: courtesy of Bill Henry.

A HOTEL in Cumbernauld has major expansion plans after a prolonged increase of visitors to the town has seen demand soar. 

Cumbernauld’s Premier Inn hotel has submitted a planning application to North Lanarkshire Council, seeking permission to expand the existing building, to create a number of new rooms.

The current hotel has around 37 rooms available, though recent spikes in customer demands and regular occupancy of all of the hotel’s rooms means that the firm’s parent company has sought to extend the current building.

Located on Cumbernauld’s South Muirhead Road, the Premier Inn expansion plans would see 21 new created, bringing the total availability to 58 – if planning permission is handed down.

Submitted to North Lanarkshire Council’s planning department on May 1st, the firm’s application was validated on May 5th, with a target determination date of Sunday, July 5th, 2015 set against the proposals.

In a planning statement to North Lanarkshire Council, on behalf of Premier Inn, Cheshire-based planning and development consultants, Walsingham Planning, confirm that the hotel chain’s parent company, Whitbread, has “recognised a requirement for additional rooms in the area.”

“The existing hotel is one of the group’s best performing facilities in the region, as measured by occupancy and turn-away data,” the planning statement explains. 

The report adds: “The existing car park currently comprises 58 spaces, the proposed hotel extension would result in the loss of 3 existing car parking spaces leaving a total of 55 spaces.

“The new two-storey block will be constructed in one of Premier Inn’s standard layouts, with rooms on one side of a central corridor. The materials and style will replicate the existing hotel.”

Copyright of Premier Inn Ltd.

According to the detailed plans, by architects and planning consultants IMA, the proposed extensive would be built at the back of the existing hotel site, taking up much of the existing garden area. 

As part of the planning application process, a number of key agencies, bodies and departments are required to be consulted on any application’s proposals – the authority’s roads and transport department is one department which is expected to be consulted on any planning application.

In a response to the proposed hotel expansion plans, Diane Smart of the council’s Roads and Transportation department told planning officers: “I have no objections”, though she added in her observation report that this lack of objection was “subject to… conditions”.

According to the Roads Operations department’s observation of Premier Inn’s planning application, the hotel should change their plans to reduce the amount of parking available.

“The applicant should provide 1 space per 2.5 bedrooms (9 spaces) and reinstate the 3 spaces being removed as part of the new proposals,” the department’s observation explains.

“In addition the applicant should provide 1 space per additional 3 staff members.  No staff numbers provided.”

Commenting on the proposed expansion plans, David Christmas, Project & Programme Manager at Premier Inn, told Cumbernauld Media: “Our Premier Inn in Cumbernauld has been a great success.”

“The hotel has enjoyed strong occupancy and customer demand, therefore we have submitted a planning application for an additional 21 bedrooms, bringing the total number to 58 bedrooms,” he explained.
Mr Christmas added: “If approved, our proposed extension would deliver £1.2 million in fresh investment and 6 new jobs for the local area. We look forward North Lanarkshire Council’s decision.”