Cumbernauld’s world renowned fashion firm to tread the boards at ‘Made in Lanarkshire’ school fashion show

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 22:11 on 25 November 2013.
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Picture: copyright of Thomas Hancock & Co. 

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CUMBERNAULD clothing manufacturer Thomas Hancock and Co. have confirmed that they will be helping to get school pupils celebrate Lanarkshire, in style, as a ‘Made in Lanarkshire’ fashion show is announced.

Secondary school pupils from across North Lanarkshire, including Cumbernauld, are busy drafting up their very own fashion designs and clothing ideas, ahead of a special exhibition and fashion show.

The exhibition and fashion show are part of ‘Celebrating Lanarkshire 2013’; a programme of events throughout 2013 which aims to recognise Lanarkshire’s achievements over the past few centuries, and celebrate the life of Doctor David Livingstone, who was born in Lanarkshire. 

Pupils have already designed and produced over 150 garments and accessories for catwalk shows at Motherwell Concert Hall, next month.

Set to take place next week, the ‘Made in Lanarkshire’ show will feature original creative work by pupils from North Lanarkshire's schools, which will stand alongside garments from Cumbernauld-based manufacturer, Thomas Hancock and Co.

The firm are world renowned for their production of rubber garments, with the business having offices in London, Milano, New York and Tokyo, with their products being sold in fifteen specially selected stores, across the globe.

Commenting, Jillian Ferrie, Manager of Culture NL, said: "Those who come along to the fashion show will see a spectacular variety of costumes created by the pupils.

"The works have been inspired by a variety of themes including Africa - to tie in with the bicentenary of the birth of David Livingstone.

"Another theme was "carnival", to link in with Brazil hosting the next football world cup and Olympic Games.

"This project has been a great opportunity, both for pupils who designed the garments and for the pupils who will model the items. We've also had great support from hairdressing and make-up students at Coatbridge College.

"The pupils have worked really hard to come up with the fashion garments and get all the work ready."

The ‘Made in Lanarkshire’ show will feature Samba music from schools across the region, and those wishing to book tickets for the event can telephone 01698 403120.

The show takes place at Motherwell Concert Hall, on Friday 6th December, at 7.00pm, with tickets priced at £5.00, per person.
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