More information comes to light following Friday afternoon's A8011 smash, as pipe falls from Cumbernauld Town Centre roof

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 19:52 on 9 December 2013.
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MORE information is coming to light following an incident on the A8011, at Cumbernauld Town Centre, on Friday evening, which resulted in a Vauxhall Corsa being crushed.

On Friday (6 December) evening, at approximately 4.20pm, office workers and shoppers in Cumbernauld town centre are said to have heard a loud bang; the scene which greeted motorists outside, on the town's Central Way was worse, as a Vauxhall Corsa was smashed by a falling pipe.

Today (Monday), more information has came to light about the incident, which had seen the road closed until the small hours of Saturday morning, with eye witnesses claiming the road was shut until three a.m.

At around 4.40pm the Scottish Fire and Rescue service received an emergency call; immediately afterwards, three appliances were dispatched to Cumbernauld's A8011 - two appliances from Cumbernauld Community Fire Station, and a third from Coatbridge.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that one man was left trapped inside the vehicle, with a young boy outside the vehicle, receiving treatment from paramedics, for shock.

After surveying the situation, firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to rescue the man trapped in his car after it was struck by the collapsed pipe.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) said: “We received a request for assistance from the police reporting a dangerous structure on Central Way.

“Two appliances were sent from Cumbernauld Community Fire Station along with a third from nearby Coatbridge, and crews reached the scene within four minutes to find a car had been struck by a large overhead pipe.

“A man was trapped inside the vehicle and a boy – who had been a passenger – was already outside the car and being treated for shock by ambulance personnel.

“The firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to remove the roof of the car. After our crews freed the motorist he was passed to the care of paramedics.

“Thankfully no-one was seriously hurt in this incident, but clearly it was a lucky escape for those inside the car and it shows why firefighters, ambulance crews and police officers work so closely together.”

As more details are officially established, it has been suggested that the pipe had been dislodged after a lorry, driving through Central Way, hit the pipe, causing it to fall and crash onto the bonnet of the Vauxhall Corsa.

Some comments have indicated, however, that the Corsa was not travelling behind the lorry, at the time of the collision, but that the pipe fell onto the Corsa up to fifteen minutes after the lorry struck the pipe.

The incident is said to have taken place at 4.20pm on Friday afternoon, with offices and shops evacuated immediately afterwards.

Shortly thereafter, Police Scotland were on scene, with the road closed, and drivers continually advised to find alternative routes. 

It has since been confirmed that the male passenger, trapped inside the vehicle, and a young male passenger both received treatment at the scene, firstly from a passing first aider, followed by treatment from paramedics.

Stacey Mullen, a journalist at the Cumbernauld News relayed information about the incident to readers as the incident was ongoing; in an article, on the News's website, Ms Mullen recalled the moment when the crash was heard by office workers and staff in the town centre: "...staff at the News and Chronicle held a loud bang in their office and the building shook for a few seconds.

"The office, which is right above the scene of the crash, was evacuated along with other stores in Cumbernauld town centre, until the structure of the building can be assessed."

Central Way was immediately closed off by Police Scotland, as paramedics and firefighters arrived on scene. Eyewitnesses have since told Cumbernauld Media that the road remained closed until the early hours of Saturday morning.

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