Two new cafes for Cumbernauld as food co-op promotes healthy diets

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 23:30 on 3 May 2014.
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TWO new cafes are starting up in Cumbernauld, both aiming to promote a healthy diet and discourage loneliness. 

Now You’re Talking, based at the Muirfield Community Education Facility and the Drop in café project, based at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, in Cumbernauld town centre, have both unveiled new projects in conjunction with the Cumbernauld Food Co-op.

Now You’re Talking – full name ‘Now You're Talking Health and Wellbeing’ was set up in 2009 as an organisation which aimed to support the development of the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of individuals to help them build a balanced life.

This week, the group announced plans for the ‘Happy Talk Café’, to which the group have invited any interested local residents.

The café will be held at at the Muirfield Centre in Brown Road, Seafar, and attendees will have the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying the calm atmosphere, good food, arts and crafts, music and much more, as the charity prepare to announce the programme for each week in due course.

Also on hand at the café will be the Cumbernauld Food Co-op, from whom people will be able to purchase fruit and vegetables, with anybody interested in attending the café also invited to take part in a 15 to 30 minute ‘health walk’ before heading to the café for lunch.

A spokesperson for Now You’re Talking said: “The Happy Talk Cafe is on the front line in the battle against stigma in mental ill-health.”

The group’s spokesperson added: “The Happy Talk Café is designed to do exactly what it says - a place where everyone in the community is welcome to come along, have a good blether and at the same time get inspired and join in on the various artistic and musical workshops that will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Food and refreshments are served at a reasonable price.

“The NYT staff and volunteers are available to talk in private to anyone who may be stressed or worried about any life issues they may have. We can also arrange for free money and debt advice with our highly experienced qualified adviser.

“All the services we provide are confidential and impartial. No matter how serious our client’s situation seems, we provide support and calming through empathy, understanding and never being judgemental.”

Anyone wanting more information about the Happy Talk café or other weekly activities from Now You’re Talking can contact them at the Muirfield Centre, 1 Brown Road, Seafar, G67 1AA; telephone 01236 730050 or email

In addition the new café, from the Now You’re Talking group, a drop in café is to be set up at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, to yet again, promote a healthy diet.

Monday 12th May will herald the launch of the new drop in café, at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, on Esk Walk, at Cumbernauld town centre – adjacent to the path between Tesco and the bus station. 

Open between 10:30am and 3pm on Mondays through to Thursdays, the café will be a chance to meet new friends, take part in events and purchase healthy fruit and vegetables from the Cumbernauld Food Co-op, each Thursday.

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