Planning applications envisage more changes to Cumbernauld town centre

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:12 on 11 July 2014.
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1 application proposes the former Blockbuster become a restaurant. Courtesy of Bill Henry.

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THREE new applications to the planning department at North Lanarkshire Council offer a further look at the future use of Cumbernauld Town Centre.

Earlier today (11 July) security at the centre were spotted putting up ‘New tenant coming soon’ signs at the long-standing vacant unit at number one Tay Walk. 

The unit – which is adjacent to the closed Bank of Scotland, down the stairs and next to the closed toilets – has been empty for some time after the council’s Finance department vacated the premises in favour of a central facility at Fleming House.

Now, however, a building warrant application has been submitted to North Lanarkshire Council, asking for permission to alter the premises to become an office and adjoining customer service customer. 

Members of the mall’s security personnel were seen only earlier today (11 July) putting up ‘New tenant coming soon to Cumbernauld town centre’ signs above the store’s doors.

According to the North Lanarkshire Council website, the new tenants of the unit will be Cumbernauld’s main local credit union – Cumbernauld Central Credit Union Ltd. 

No date appears to have been set for the opening of the new Cumbernauld Central Credit Union premises, although the Union’s application for a building warrant was received by North Lanarkshire Council on June 24, with John Russell Partnership Limited of Motherwell assigned as the warrant application agent.

At present, Cumbernauld Central Credit Union operates out of the Cornerstone Church, on Esk Walk, in Cumbernauld Town Centre. 

In a separate and second planning application, Hamcap (Cumbernauld) LLP is asking for planning consent to construct a brand new unit on Tay Walk, next door to the Fryery Fish and Chip Shop, in a plan to open a brand new café in the mall. 

As part of their planning application – entitled ‘Construction of New Kiosk Unit’ – Hamcap (Cumbernauld) LLP, the owners of Cumbernauld Town Centre are seeking planning consent to turn the presently empty space on Tay Walk, next to the Fryery Fish and Chip Shop into a new food kiosk.

The firm’s planning was signed off on May 30, with North Lanarkshire Council’s planning department receiving the application on June 3, before validating it on June 7. 

The proposals remain out for consultation and public consultation until July 29, with a target determination date on September 7 set by the planning department. 

Over at South Muirhead Road a third planning application has been made to North Lanarkshire Council which would see another restaurant brought to Cumbernauld.

In a planning application for Ms Zarina Qureshi of Birkdale Wood, Westerwood, Ian M Denney appeals for planning permission to convert the former Blockbuster video store unit into a restaurant for some 110 persons. 

According to the council, the application from Ms Qureshi was received and validated on June 24, with a decision expected to be made on the proposals by August 24, although the application will remain open for public comments until July 22. 
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