Tesco confirms Cumbernauld hat-trick plan will go forward

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:25 on 3 December 2014.
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One of the protester's signs lays on the ground after staging action on Condorrat Main Street. Picture: Condorrat Community Council..

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TESCO has confirmed to Cumbernauld Media that their new proposed store in Cumbernauld is being taken forward – despite public criticism of the project.

A new store in the Condorrat area of Cumbernauld was mooted earlier this year – but the plans came up against stiff public opposition, at a meeting in April.

On April 3rd, Condorrat’s Pollok Hall was packed out to capacity, as eager local residents turned out to hear more about the proposals for the store – which would take over part of Condorrat Social Club.

The new store would make it hat-trick for the multi-national company, which has stores near Cumbernauld town centre, and in the Craigmarloch area of the town too. 

Back in March 2014, members of Condorrat Social Club backed the development’s request that part of the Social Club becomes the location for the new store.

Members backed the proposals by 137 votes to 34 – but public resentment led to protests around the community – with Condorrat Community Council leading the charge.

At a protest on Condorrat Main Street in early March, local activists pounded the pavements to encourage people to shop local and ‘Say no to Tesco’. Campaigners were seen marching with signs that proclaimed: “Every little shop will shut”, and “Support local businesses”. 

Even the now famous roadside displays throughout Condorrat were caught up in the action – with signs stuck on to the various ‘Welcome to Condorrat’ structures, including ‘Buzz off Tesco’. 

Since April, however, there have been little signs that the store was to go ahead; and sources had indicated to Cumbernauld Media that the licensing board would reject the company’s application to sell alcohol – a measure that would stop the development going ahead, it was believed.

This week though, Tesco Stores PLC has confirmed that they will be going ahead with their plans, with a spokesman for the company telling Cumbernauld Media that: “Following on from a public meeting, in April, we will be proceeding with our application in the next few weeks”.

Until now, nothing has been made formal; and, the company spokesman explained that the application had taken some time, due to the extended period of community engagement. 

A spokesman for the Planning and Regeneration department explained that the new store was in the pre-application planning process, and confirmed that an informal pre-application notice had been received by the council’s planning department on November 27th.

The spokesman confirmed that the Planning and Regeneration department has until December 11th to respond to Tesco, and advise them on how they could potentially proceed, if they wish to. 

He added that “nothing formal has been submitted, as yet – the process is merely informal at this stage”. He said that the full planning process – if Tesco do proceed onto full planning permission – would be rather “fluid”, and dependent upon the number of consultation responses.

“If we receive more than three objections for any application, it then proceeds onto full committee – which only meets once a month”.

Asked about the potential length of the process herein, the spokesman emphasised that the process is “informal” at the present time, but said that the number of responses to the full planning permission application can have an impact on the process. 
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