Cumbernauld 'chip-gate' goes viral after McDonald's altercation

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 17:26 on 13 February 2015

McDonald's    Crime

The unidentified woman, with her hands around Kieran's throat warns him not to be a "wido". Picture: Kieran Taylor/ Vine.

A CUMBERNAULD teenager who threw food at a patron while eating out at a fast food restaurant has said he was “attacked” by the woman who appeared on video to near strangle the young man.

Kieran Taylor, 17, from Cumbernauld filmed himself “pinging” a French fry at an older woman in what soon became a much larger altercation, as the woman got out of her chair and wrapped her hands around the teenager’s throat.

The Cumbernauld Academy pupil was having a meal in Cumbernauld’s McDonald’s restaurant when the late-night incident took place. 

The whole incident was captured on a smartphone, with the tape soon uploaded to social networking website Vine soon after.

In describing the video, Kieran posted: “Pinged a wee chip at someone who kept pure staring at me, then this happened! Look like am about to cry but am not”.

The 20-second Vine shows Kieran launching the chip at the woman inside the Central Way fast food establishment, before immediately cutting to a shot of the woman with her hands around the teenager’s throat.

The woman – who has not yet been identified – is heard saying: “Look son, don’t be a f***ing wido”

Kieran, who was believed to be in the restaurant with his friend Laura Paterson, had to rescued by security after the altercation in the small hours of Sunday (8 February) morning.

Sharing the video with her friends on Facebook, teenager Laura Paterson wrote on Sunday morning: “Kieran hits a wee granny way a chip for staring at him when he was steaming and this was the end result.”

After apologising “on behalf of my friends behaviour”, Laura remarks: “Someone put the old c**t back in the care home”

An online poll on the Daily Records website asked readers whether “the customer's reaction was acceptable behaviour in a restaurant”.

At the time of going to publication, 73% of respondents said ‘Yes - the wee wido deserved a good fright; ‘No - it's assault.. plain and simple’ was the answer from 17% of respondents, while 10% said
‘No - but the wee wido he should have been made to clean the whole restaurant for a week’.

Reflecting back on his actions on Sunday morning, Kieran – who works with his dad as door engineer- said he didn’t regret anything.

He said: “Aye, I am a bit of a wido. But I don’t regret it. I thought it was really funny.”

His Vine has since been viewed nearly 320,000 times since it was posted five days ago.