Cumbernauld railway station takes shape

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 21:14 on 16 March 2015

ScotRail    Cumbernauld railway station    EGIP

Picture: courtesy of Bill Henry.

OVER the past two years the development of Cumbernauld railway station, in South Carbrain, has been cost-effective, decisive, fast and transformative – now work is nearing an end it would seem as contractors work tirelessly to finish the landscaping, pavements and bridge connection at the station.

The latest stint of work at the station comes after an official opening of the station in July last year, when Cumbernauld and Kilsyth SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn met with various ScotRail and Network Rail officials to cut the ribbon and declare the new modular station open.

The new station structure is a Macemain modular building solution and was installed over a 48hr period in mid-May 2014 – after work to electrify the Cumbernauld line was completed, as part of the first electrification delivery phase of the EGIP.

The opening of Cumbernauld Station followed the completion of work worth nearly £1million, by Network Rail, which was part of their wider redevelopment of the station.

Early last year, Network Rail removed the old footbridge – known as Bell’s Bridge – and created a new staircase from the footbridge to the west of the station, while work on the station included demolition of the unused portion of the old station building as well as renewal, extension and upgrading of the platforms to support the new electric trains that run on the line following the completion of work to electrify the line in May 2014.

The project has all been part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) which has seen the largest ever investment in Scotland’s railway infrastructure delivering wholesale electrification across the central belt as well as new and upgraded stations. 
View our gallery of the latest work to take place at the station below. All of the pictures are used on the courtesy of Bill Henry.