Noisy neighbour roadshow organised

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 18:05 on 19 May 2015

North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council logo.

HOUSEHOLDS in Cumbernauld are being urged to keep the noise down, and consider the effects of various loud noises on their neighbours.

North Lanarkshire Council’s Housing and Social Work department has taken up the cause of Noise Action Week, in a bid to remind tenants throughout North Lanarkshire that whether they play their music loud, enjoy DIY at all hours of the day, or get the vacuuming done when others are asleep, their lifestyle could be negatively impacting on nearby neighbours.

As part of Noise Action Week, the council’s Housing and Social Work department are raising awareness of the complaints they receive and what action residents can take to avoid disturbing others, with a variety of workshops planned.

Officers from the council’s housing department have organised a number of what the council has dubbed ‘mini roadshows’, running from 19th to 22nd May, in Motherwell and Coatbridge, with a plethora of advice and information available for residents who want to pop in to find out more.

“A few simple steps can make all the difference to being a good neighbour. That's why we've signed up to promote Noise Action Week and to make people aware of potential issues,” Councillor Sam Love, Convener of Housing and Social Work Services explained.

He added: “North Lanarkshire has great community spirit and we want that to be maintained. By working with residents and raising awareness of this issue we can help improve community life."

Stephen Llewellyn, North Lanarkshire Council’s housing department Operations Manager added: "Over 35% of the complaints we receive relate to everyday domestic activities causing a disturbance to other people. 

“People are often surprised when we speak to them after receiving a complaint as they don't realise how their noise is affecting others. We've found that, in particular, noise travels in our towers, and older washing machines, banging doors, shouting and people tackling all sorts of tasks late, or even during the night, are cause for complaint.

"There is help and advice available for our residents. Whether it's advice on how to minimise noise nuisance, or who to speak to if you're looking for support dealing with a noise issue, we can help. Everyone is welcome. Please come along and speak to our staff at our special drop in sessions or visit our website."

Ahead of the mini-roadshows taking place, the council’s housing department has issued advice to residents throughout the region – advice which could help keep the noise down and maintain peace between neighbours.

The advice to tenants urges them to keep noise at a reasonable level, particularly in the evening or at night; to not keep speakers on the floor; carry out DIY work at a reasonable time, with a courtesy warning to neighbours in advance; and, to use household appliances, such as washing machines, at a reasonable hour also. 

Mini-roadshows will take place throughout Noise Action Week, with workshops to take place on the following timescale: Isa Money Community Centre, Motherwell - Tuesday 19 May, 12.45 - 2pm; Witchwood Court, Coatbridge - Tuesday 19 May, 10am - 1pm; High Coats, Coatbridge - Wednesday 20 May 10am - 1pm; Merryston Court, Coatbridge - Thursday 21 May, 10am-1pm; Glassford Tower, Motherwell - Thursday 21 May, 2pm - 4pm; Albion Tower, Motherwell - Friday 22 May, 10am - 12noon and Allan Tower, Motherwell - Friday 22 May 2pm - 4pm.

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council explained: “If you experience persistent noise nuisance from a neighbour a 24/7 advice service is available on 0300 123 1382. 

“Our mediation service can help resolve neighbour disputes or disagreements too. We also have a proactive evening and night time response service for serious noise nuisance and for non-domestic noise Protective Services can also be contacted on 01698 403110 or residents can report a problem about noise on our website.”