Cumbernauld garden centre backs Maggie’s

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 23:00 on 16 July 2015

Maggie's Lanarkshire

Anne volunteers with Maggie's Lanarkshire. Picture: Scott Campbell for Cumbernauld Media. 

ONE Cumbernauld retailer has thrown their weight behind a Lanarkshire cancer support charity, and is asking customers to support their new charity partner.

Dobbies Garden Centre, in Westerwood, announced it was backing the cancer support charity Maggie’s Lanarkshire, as volunteers from the charity held collection events at the retailer’s Cumbernauld shop.

Volunteers from Maggie’s Lanarkshire were on hand between 10am and 4pm last weekend at the Cumbernauld branch of Dobbies, with customers to the store urged to give what they could to help support the charity’s work.

On Saturday (11th July), Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell headed along to Dobbies Garden Centre to meet with the volunteers from Maggie’s.

Cumbernauld resident Anne Murphy was on shift when our reporter arrived. 

Ms Murphy explained that Dobbies Cumbernauld announced that they will be backing Maggie’s Lanarkshire, with donation cans dotted around the store, and at the shop’s tills, in a bid to raise funds for the much-respected charity.

A long-term Cumbernauld resident herself, Ms Murphy explained to our reporter how she came to be involved with Maggie’s Lanarkshire after making use of the charity’s services.

Based out of the Elizabeth Montgomerie Building at Monklands Hospital, in Airdrie, Maggie’s Lanarkshire provides a variety of services, including advice, emotional support, nutrition guidance and practical information about cancer.

Speaking to Cumbernauld Media, Ms Murphy explained: “Dobbies is supporting Maggie’s Lanarkshire, as their Charity of the Year, with all of the money raised as a result of the partnership set to go back into Maggie’s Lanarkshire services.”

Volunteers worked on shift patterns throughout last Saturday and Sunday, at Dobbies Cumbernauld, in a bid to raise much-needed funds, though the volunteers were also able to provide interested customers with support, informative materials, and leaflets.

Anne added: “I’ve been volunteering for the Maggie’s centre for some time now, starting last September, after I visited their centre for some advice; I’ve now done a couple of stints for them: it’s a great feeling.

“Because it’s such a great feeling, I was more than happy to help out at Dobbies; they were looking for volunteers to come up to the garden centre and man the stand, give out information, and have the collection tin as well, so I decided to come along and lend a hand for a brilliant charity.” 

Explaining more about the work of Maggie’s Lanarkshire, Ms Murphy said: “Maggie’s helps people with cancer; they give them advice on benefits, nutrition or hair loss, patients can meet likeminded people, and there’s also facilities where patients’ family members can go. It’s a very quiet and calm environment.”

The weekend fundraising came after the garden centre announced that Maggie’s Lanarkshire would be the store’s ‘Charity of the Year’, 2015.

As a result of the partnership, staff at Dobbies Cumbernauld will be helping to raise funds and awareness of Maggie’s within the local area. 

The garden centre will have collections, activities and information days, so that customers can find out more about the charity’s centre, and the programme of support offered to those affected by cancer. 

Welcoming the support of Dobbies, Lorrie Forsyth, Maggie’s Lanarkshire Centre Head said: “We are so thrilled that Dobbies Westerwood have chosen Maggie’s Lanarkshire as their charity of the year. 

“Gardens are an important part of all Maggie’s Centres, offering Centre visitors a connection with nature and a relaxing outdoor space so working with Dobbies Westwood is especially fitting and we look forward to working with them,” Lorrie added.