Last orders for Kildrum’s Red Comyn

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 11:22 on 1 September 2015


The Red Comyn will close next month. Picture: courtesy of Bill Henry.

PATRONS of Kildrum’s closure-marked Red Comyn pub have been told that last orders will come before the end of October. 

Staff at the pub, in Mossgiel Road, have spoken about their sadness of the impending closure after a decision by the council’s planning committee to refuse planning permission was overturned by the Scottish Government.

The successful appeal overturns a previous decision by North Lanarkshire Council’s planning committee to deny permission to an application from the pub’s owners.

Received by the council planning department on December 23rd, 2014, the original planning application sought permission to see the Red Comyn closed and split into two new units – one of them being for retail purposes.

As local opposition mounted against the proposals, a public meeting was called in the pub on January 12, before a local petition circulated local doors and adorned the till-points of various points-of-interest in the area, including the Afton and Clouden Road convenience shops.

By the end of January, the pub had been overwhelmed with support, but staff reassured patrons that everything was ‘business as usual’ until the “lengthy process between site visits and planning committee hearings” was completed. 

Constituency MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, Jamie Hepburn, was one of those against the proposals.

Undertaking a survey of opinion in the area, after the planning application was lodged, Mr Hepburn quantified strong levels of local opposition with some 95% of those who responded saying they were against the application.

Following the MSP’s survey, planners confirmed that a site visit and application hearing would take place on Thursday 9th April, with some seeing it as an opportunity for opponents to voice their concerns and put their case across that the local boozer should be saved from the bulldozer.

A decision on the planning application lodged by Punch Taverns was then issued later that day, with a letter from the council’s Head of Planning and Regeneration confirming the decision of the planning committee to refuse permission.

In a letter to Punch Taverns, confirming the council’s decision, Ms Linton explained how the company’s proposal was “considered to be unacceptable” because the “servicing arrangements proposed could cause road safety problems and it has not been demonstrated that appropriate and safe servicing could be provided.”

The following month, Punch Taverns lodged their appeal with the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), with a decision by the Directorate overturning the council’s decision, in part, on July 28th.

Writing to Punch Taverns, John Martin, a Reporter appointed by the Scottish Ministers, explained that he was to “dismiss the appeal insofar as it relates to the service lay-by on the corner of Mossgiel Road and Clouden Road”, adding: “I allow the appeal in respect of the change of use and subdivision of the existing public house.” 

With a final decision now issued, Punch Taverns has issued staff at the pub with a date to hand over the keys to the boozer.

Posting an announcement on the Red Comyn Facebook page, a spokesperson for the pub confirmed that “sadly the speculation is now over”, explain: “We have our handover date” issued. 

Patrons will have until the late hours of Tuesday 13th October to enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of the Red Comyn before it closes its doors “for the last time” at midnight on October 14th.

A spokesperson for the pub explained that they knew “nothing further at the moment”, but confirmed that a “farewell party” will take place on Saturday 10th October.

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