Town’s water supply repaired and restored

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 12:18 on 5 September 2015


Repairs were completed last night. Pic: Scott Campbell for Cumbernauld Media.

NORMAL water supplies were restored to thousands of homes in Cumbernauld 16 hours ago, following a major pipe burst in Abronhill, earlier this week.

The first complaints of low pressure and no water supply at all started to be made at around 5am on Thursday (3rd September) morning, with the discovery of a burst 30 inch water main in Abronhill shortly afterwards. 

In a statement released at 7.30am that morning a spokesperson for Scottish Water confirmed that, “A burst water main has been located at Forest Road in Cumbernauld customers here may experience loss of water supply, low pressure, and discoloured water.”

The burst main went on to cause heavy disruption to some rail services, with Network Rail Scotland having to advise passengers at the time that: “a burst pipe… is discharging water onto railway between Camelon and Cumbernauld.” 

Rail services only started to get back on track after mid-day on Thursday, once Network Rail engineers had cleared “spoil washed from the embankment off the line,” according to the company’s spokesperson.

While roads were closed and bus routes were also diverted, schools fared better off, with North Lanarkshire Council opting to keep all schools in the area open, including Kildrum Nursery – which had been set to close on Thursday afternoon, before supplies were restored.

The community’s libraries were also affected by the burst, with Culture NL forced to announce on Thursday morning that two of their local libraries would not open.

“Due to a burst water main in the Cumbernauld area both Cumbernauld and Abronhill libraries will be closed.  Condorrat will be open as normal,” the company announced following the burst.

Then, at 1pm on Thursday, New College Lanarkshire locked the doors to their Cumbernauld Campus, announcing that all classes for the day, including evening classes, were “cancelled”.

After 3.30pm on Thursday, Scottish Water confirmed that repairs to the burst water main were underway, in an operation that only completed repairs and fully restored supplies last night.

As work continued and engineers tried to restore regular water supplies to all businesses, homes and schools affected by the burst, Scottish Water set up collection points for bottled water, with two points operating well into the evening at Wardpark and Cumbernauld New Town Hall.

The burst water main was then compounded by a second burst main in Greenfaulds, while residents in Kildrum were informed that works to mains pipes in the area could affect their water quality, next week.

Yesterday morning (4th September) residents in the Lochinvar Road, Athelstane Drive and Locksley Road areas of Cumbernauld reported that a residential water main had burst, causing an eruption of water to cascade onto the pavement. 

Councillor William Goldie, an SNP member of North Lanarkshire Council for the Cumbernauld South ward said yesterday: “I have had a report of another water main burst in Cumbernauld. The report indicates that the area affected is at Lochinvar Road/Athelstane Drive in Greenfaulds.”

After speaking to Scottish Water, Cllr Goldie explained: “I have spoken with Scottish Water. They indicate around 50 households affected. They are diverting supplies around the burst and hope to have supply reinstated soon.”

He added: “An issue that arose yesterday was that a Community Group were not allowed to pick up a block of water to distribute locally. I have suggested that if Scottish Water allowed registered Community Groups to assist then this would allow distribution to the local communities, particularly to the elderly and those without transport.

“They have indicated that this is a good idea and that they will consider it.”

Meanwhile, residents in Kildrum have received a letter from Scottish Water informing them that “essential works” to the water main near Park Way next week might affect their water quality.

In their letter, Scottish Water explains to residents that: “Work will be carried out between the hours of 9am on Wednesday 9th September 2015 and 4pm on Wednesday 9th September 2015.

“Whilst these repairs are being carried out there will be no interruption to the water supply, however, it may cause the water to be cloudy or discoloured.

“Should you experience any of the above, let the cold water tap in the kitchen run slowly until the water is clear. If you do not do this, your water fittings or appliances may get blocked or damaged.

The letter continues: “Please help us by talking to your neighbours to ensure they also understand, especially the elderly or please advise us of any friend/ neighbour with any special needs.”

The letter signs off: “Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential works.”

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