Aldi hopes raised again

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 12:40 on 5 September 2015


One of the units to be converted for a retail store. Picture: courtesy of Bill Henry.

SUPERMARKET chain Aldi continues to keep local residents in a state of suspense as to whether or not the brand will open a store in Cumbernauld any time soon.

The German company has previously said that it remains committed to Cumbernauld, and continues to have their eyes fixed on opening a new store in the town.

On January 28th, 2015, North Lanarkshire Council’s planning department granted permission to an application that sought to amalgamate two of the empty units in Westway Retail Park, before being fitted out with Aldi in mind.

Owners of Westway Retail Park, Cumbernauld Retail Park Ltd Partnership, submitted their planning application to North Lanarkshire Council in December 2014, seeking permission to join empty units 5b and 6 to become a brand new supermarket.

At present, Westway Retail Park, on Castlecary Way, has approximately 666 parking spaces, and is home to retail outlets such as DIY chain, B&Q; electronics store, Currys; and, Halfords.

By May, nearly four months after planning permission was granted, no movement appeared to have been made on amalgamated the units, despite Aldi assuring locals that they were “focussed” on opening a store in Cumbernauld.

This month, however, hopes have once again been raised over the prospect of whether Aldi could be opening a new store in the town.

The renewed anticipation comes after a planning application was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council’s planning department on July 24th.

Submitted by Westway Retail Park’s owners, Cumbernauld Retail Park Ltd Partnership, the application is seeking planning permission to construct a brand new retail unit, next door to Pets at Home, while an existing unit would have its use altered to retail. 

As part of their application, Cumbernauld Retail Park Limited Partnership is looking to renew previously granted permissions, from 2004, that gave the go ahead for a 3000sq.m. retail unit on the field facing the retail park. 

The proposals are not new and as well as featuring in the original 2004 planning application to have the retail park constructed, a proposed food store is also included within the park’s store plan. 

A spokesman for Aldi said: "Aldi remains focussed on opening a store in Cumbernauld, however we have nothing confirmed at this stage to report."

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