Bus stance improvements ‘moving forward’

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 13:35 on 5 September 2015


26-06-2013 - By Scott Campbell (+44) 0774 296 870 - Cumbernauld Town Centre; Picture shows Cumbernauld Town Centre, from outside North Bus Stop.
Central Way has been a local embarrassment for years. Picture: Cumbernauld Media.

PLANS to transform Cumbernauld’s notorious Central Way bus stances are progressing well, as a variety of partner organisations prepare to work through the details.

According to minutes from the March meeting Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Limited, a feasibility study will take place, alongside “discussions with the owners” before “timescales will be aligned.”

The minutes from the company’s board meeting on March 12th explain that “discussions with SPT are ongoing prior to instructing the main design”, though rough artist’s impressions have already been put together. 

A long running issue and sore point, Cumbernauld’s ‘bus station’ has been in the spotlight for potential refurbishment or redevelopment for years.

Speaking to Cumbernauld Media, Councillor Allan Graham, Chairman of Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd explained his hopes that the project could be completed within 18 months, and contribute to a variety of other town centre improvements.

He said that a meeting later this month will hopefully sure up some of the details and lead to detailed plans and designs shortly. 

Artist's impression of how it might look when finished. Picture: North Lanarkshire Council.

Any improvements to Cumbernauld’s town centre bus stances would follow recent redevelopment attempts, such as the reconstruction of Tummel Way footbridge in 2012; the replacement of the central barrier on Central Way last year; minor environmental improvements; and, the ongoing construction of Cumbernauld Community Enterprise Hub.

Stephen Hill, Property and Asset Manager for Belgate Estates, one of the firms involved with Hamcap (Cumbernauld) LLP, the partnership company which owns Cumbernauld town centre explained that the centre’s owners are “very keen  to see investment” in the bus stances.

Mr Hill said: “In terms of the bus stances, the last meeting we had where this was discussed with North Lanarkshire Council and Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Limited was last November.  

“The landlord is very keen to see investment in improving this area, and this has involved granting Campsies and North Lanarkshire Council the ownership of the bus stances to allow investment by SPT towards refurbishment and modernisation.  

“We understand the principle of this was being finalised at a Council/Campsies committee meeting which would see work commence next year, however we have not heard anything further on this which would require to be legally documented,” he added.

Artist's impression of how it might look when finished. Picture: North Lanarkshire Council.

Strathclyde Passenger Transport says that they have provided North Lanarkshire Council with grant funding so that the project can start next year. 

A spokesperson for SPT said: “SPT has grant funded North Lanarkshire Council to advance design works for refurbishing the existing facilities at Cumbernauld Town Centre Bus Station, with the refurbishment scheduled to begin in mid-2016. 

“Initial design works have already been undertaken.  Consultation with all interested parties will follow, with detailed design expected to take place later in the year.  

“We’re confident that the environment for passengers at Cumbernauld will be significantly improved when these works are complete,” they added.

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