Friday night car crash at Cumbernauld nursery

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 16:06 on 17 May 2014.
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The scene. Picture: Step by Step Nursery.

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A CAR crash at a Cumbernauld nursery has brought carnage direct to the doors of some residents of Carrickstone.

Step by Step Nursery, in Carrickstone, say they are stunned with “shock” after a car careened into their garden, and bowled into 3 gardens of neighbouring properties. 

The private nursery – which is located on Gailes Road, in the Carrickstone area of Cumbernauld- have described the incident as “devastating” but say that they will “pull together”.

In e-mail to relatives of the nursery’s children, Lynne Alexander, manager of ‘Step by Step’ writes: “Last night there was a devastating incident within our nursery garden.

“About 11.30pm a car crashed through the fence (from the main road) in to our garden, it has destroyed the entire garden. Siobhan, Nicole, Lauren and I have been at the nursery throughout the night.

“The car has flown through the entire garden (the whole length of it) and has eventually crashed in to the back garden of the houses behind the nursery (through 3 gardens). All our fences have been knocked down, the shed and resources are destroyed.”

Nursery's garden destroyed. Pic: Step by Step Nursery.

Ms Alexander adds: “I can't begin to tell you the shock that we are feeling just now. All of the staff have consistently worked hard to develop the garden. 

“I am absolutely dreading explaining this to the children. As you all know the garden has been central to the ethos of our nursery for the last 14 years that I have been here.”

The nursery manager goes on to describe the “horrific” scene which has been left between. The staff at the nursery are defiant, however, and say that they will “endeavour to repair” the garden as soon as possible.

“We will of course all pull together to fix the garden, and I know that you will support us,” Ms Alexander adds.

“The children will not be able to access it on Monday but we will of course endeavour to repair it as soon as possible and continue to provide outdoor experiences as part of our routine curriculum delivery.”

Officers at Police Scotland say that the incident is under investigation, and tape currently cordons off the scene of the incident.

Police suspect driver was under the influence. Pic: Cumbernauld Media.

“The police suspect that the driver was under the influence or the car was stolen. He ran away from the scene (which is astounding given the devastation left behind),” Ms Alexander told parents. 

Talking to Cumbernauld Media, one parent described the incident as a “tragedy”, adding: “This is such a tragedy as these kids love the garden.”
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