Missing Carbrain child claims ‘incorrect’, Police say

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 16:51 on 6 May 2015

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Local residents said some sort of manhunt was undertaken, though Police dispute the claims. Picture: courtesy of Bill Henry.

POLICE officers at Cumbernauld police station have been forced to issue a statement via social media which rubbishes claims shared widely online late last week that a young child was missing in Cumbernauld.

At shortly after 8pm on Friday (1st May) evening, local residents took to Facebook and Twitter to share the news that a tot had gone missing somewhere in Cumbernauld, and to appeal for anybody with information to come forward.

Statements appeared to be contradictory, however, with some concerned residents citing Carbrain as the child’s last known locations, while others claimed that Greenfaulds was where the child had gone missing from.

Some statuses on Facebook have since been shared over 1,900 times, with the three-year-old girl who had apparently gone missing described as having “shoulder length dark hair”, and wearing a “blue dress”.

The appeal for information quickly spread, after one local resident said that she had been stopped by police officers in the Carbrain area, who asked if she had seen anyone or had any potential information. There was no confirmation from local police officers, however, that evening.

By late Saturday night, however, local residents were sharing news that the police had apparently found the missing girl, and that she was returned home safely, with comments shared via Facebook suggesting that the child was found and returned home safely at shortly after 10.30pm. 

On Monday (4th May) morning, however, Police Scotland’s officers in Cumbernauld took the unusual step of issuing a rebuttal of the rumours, claiming that the idea was nonsense.

A spokesperson for Cumbernauld Police Station posted to the station’s official Twitter account, @CumbernauldPol, that “there was no missing child” in Cumbernauld, on Friday evening – despite the widely circulating rumours.

The full tweet advised followers that: “For everyone asking - there was no missing 3 yr old child in Cumbernauld on Friday 1st May. Thank you”.