Fringe First winning Sanitise is coming to Cumbernauld

Written by Lianne Whitelaw, Sanitise's Producer.

Published at 20:29 on 6 February 2015

Cumbernauld Theatre

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A woman alone in her bathroom – what does it mean to be clean and what does it mean to be dirty, writes Lianne Whitelaw, Sanitise's Producer.
Set in the most private of places, where dirt can be flushed away in an instant, Sanitise is a theatrical journey through the fantasy world of one woman alone in her bathroom. Combining physical theatre, dance, music and illustration, Sanitise is a quirky, imaginative production without words, looking at a part of life we never talk about and follows one woman's quest for domestic and sexual liberation. Disgusted by much of the outside world, her bathroom has become a sanctuary of cleanliness and an unlikely venue for self-expression. But there is something dark living beneath the bath and as her inner and outer life is revealed we discover a woman torn between fantasy and fear as she negotiates her relationship with literal and figurative filth.  What does it mean to be clean and what does it mean to be dirty?

Sanitise was created by Edinburgh based artists, director Caitlin Skinner (Artistic Director of Village Pub Theatre: Best of the Village Pub Theatre, Tweet Plays, Associate Artist with Strange Theatre: Goddess, Mother a la Carte) and performer Melanie Jordan (Associate Artist with Plutot La Vie, TORN, Clown Cabaret) to ask questions about the way in which we sanitise sex and sexuality in our culture in order to make it acceptable and sellable. As a physical theatre performer, dancer and clown, Melanie brings humour and theatricality to this solo performance.
The audience are invited into a familiar space that quickly reveals itself to be more than your usual bathroom. AV Designer Calum MacAskill and Illustrator Lubin Lone are working together to bring the fantasy world of the bathroom to life with distinct and characterful animation which is integrated with live action and projected onto the bathroom. Danny Krass (White, The Artist Man Mother Women, Quiz Show) provides a sound design featuring iconic pop classics and original music. The set is designed by Whatever Gets You through the Night’s Alice Wilson.
Sanitise embarks on a Scottish tour in Spring 2015 following a successful Edinburgh Fringe run.

Sanitise was created by Edinburgh based artists, director Caitlin Skinner and performer Melanie Jordan and received a Scotsman Fringe First award and Arches Brick Award nomination when presenting at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. Sanitise is a devised work that began life as Jordan’s final year assessment at Queen Margaret University in 2009. The original development of the piece was supported by The Arts Trust Scotland. The Scottish tour of Sanitise is supported by Creative Scotland.

Booking information for the Cumbernauld show:

Saturday 7 February 2015, 7.45pm
Cumbernauld Theatre
Tickets: £10/£7/£5
Box Office: 01236 732 887