DOW withdraw Cumbernauld plant expansion application

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 16:43 on 9 February 2014.
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Pic: copyright of DOW Waste Management UK.

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A CONTROVERSIAL planning application to expand the site of Dow Waste Management near Cumbernauld Train Station has been abandoned. 

The firm have received serious criticisms over their operations in the town over the past year, after residents in Carbrain started to complain about the smell radiating from the waste management facility.

Adjacent to Cumbernauld train station, the Dow Waste Management plant has been kicking up a stink with local residents, some of whom say they cannot even open their windows due to the strong stench of the plant.

Commuters to and from Cumbernauld train station have also complained, with the facility’s boundary falling right on the Cumbernauld to Motherwell platform, with debris, noise and appalling smells greeting commuters as they arrive or leave the station.

The 7303sq.m facility’s owners submitted a planning application to North Lanarkshire Council on December 23rd 2013, which sought permission to erect a “bund to provide visual and acoustic screening”. 

Since the application was made public via the authority’s ePlanning service, 21 comments have been left by local campaigners, businesses and residents – all of which have objected to the application and what was being proposed.

Now, though, the application is shown as being “withdrawn” earlier this week, ahead of the closure of consultation next Wednesday (February 12th).

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth SNP MSP, Jamie Hepburn, had been dealing with complaints regarding the facility. 

When the application became public, Mr Hepburn confirmed he had written to all those constituents who completed his survey or the petition to bring to their attention these new plans. 

Commenting, at the time, when the application was first lodged, the Nationalist MSP said he was “concerned”.

Mr Hepburn said: “I am concerned that the existing site already has a considerable impact on those living around it. This facility is very close to a number of businesses and houses and the proposed changes could see it expand even closer to a number of them.

“Over the past months and years now my office has received complaints regarding odour, gulls, insects, incidents such as fires at the facility. It is clear to anyone who visits the area surrounding this site that it is having a considerable impact already.

“I am concerned therefore by these proposals and will be making my own submission to this planning application. I would urge anyone else who feels strongly about the proposals to take this chance to make their views known to the Council.”

MSP, Jamie Hepburn, said the firm "may try again".

On Thursday evening, the area’s MSP took to Twitter; and, in addressing a question, Mr Hepburn said he felt that the firm “…may try again in future” with their proposals to expand.

Cumbernauld Environmental Society, meanwhile, were also planning to object to the firm’s proposals. With the group’s vice chair, Adam Smith, asking Society members at the January meeting, last week, for their support to proceed with an official objection.  

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