Glittering cast of real life stars take centre stage in older people’s film

Written by Euan Duguid.
Published at 21:40 on 22 June 2014.
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A poignant film charting an older man’s journey back to independence after hospitalisation has brought together a glittering cast of real life stars from across Lanarkshire. 
Every Step of the Way is a new and exclusive film documenting the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) programme in the region through the story of David, played by actor Bill Findlay.
RCOP aims to help growing numbers of older people live positive and independent lives in their own homes, homely settings and community.  And the seven minute movie features many of the actual people who are working together to make that very aim a reality in Lanarkshire today.
The film’s writer, Euan Duguid, Communication Officer for RCOP in Lanarkshire, explained: “A huge network of health and social care practitioners, volunteers, third sector and independent sector organisations are working together to make Lanarkshire a great place for people to live and grow old in.
“Family members, friends and unpaid carers are also playing a crucial role in providing more support in community settings. The aim of the film is to illustrate, in real-life terms, how all of these individuals and groups are, together, making a real difference to older people’s lives.”
The plot sees David, who’d required treatment after a fall, feeling lonely and isolated after hospital discharge to becoming fully independent and reconnected to his community.
Euan added: “There’s a sub-plot woven in and, without giving too much away, David’s recovery is boosted by a trip down memory lane which comes full circle at the end of the film.
“Crucially, although the character is played by an actor, the script and his experiences are representative of the real life testimony of various older people who have been supported by RCOP partners.”
That realism is heightened by the supporting cast –  around 45 people – who turned out simply to play themselves, ranging from the health and social work professionals, volunteers to the older people featured who are benefitting from the many community-based supports in place.
Sandra Mackay, RCOP Programme Manager for North Lanarkshire, said: “A key aim of RCOP is to give people and community groups resources and backing to enable them to take a leading role in developing and contributing to the support and services their community needs.
“Every Step of the Way showcases some vibrant examples of the many initiatives and projects set up at local level to prevent isolation whilst also highlighting the expert health and social care supports available in people’s own homes.
“The take-home message of the film is that no one should feel alone and there is help and support available to them.”
Majorie McGinty, RCOP Programme Manager for South Lanarkshire, added: “In both North and South LanarkshireRCOP partnerships we are very proud of the many excellent initiatives and projects that have been set up.
“At their very core is person-centred care and partnership working. This film captures how many people, from different professional backgrounds and groups, are working together to make a real difference to older people’s lives.”
RCOP partners include NHS Lanarkshire, North and South Lanarkshire Councils, the voluntary and the independent sector.
Watch Every Step of the Way now by visiting
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