Smoker shows support for NHS Lanarkshire no smoking policy

Written by Eddie Docherty.
Published at 16:20 on 24 July 2014.
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People who smoke are backing NHS Lanarkshire’s no smoking policy saying they would never light up on hospital grounds.

The chair of the North Lanarkshire Public Partnership Forum (PPF) Felix Mulholland is a smoker but he is calling on those who smoke to show they care by waiting until they are off hospital grounds and away from entrances before having a cigarette.

Motherwell man Felix said: “I may smoke, but I still completely respect NHS Lanarkshire’s policy and understand why it wants to encourage a no smoking environment and set an example to everyone.

“Most people I know who smoke feel the same and it was reassuring to see that 89 per cent of those who smoke who took part in the NHS Lanarkshire survey, agreed with the principle that hospital entrances should be smoke free.

“I’d appeal to those who smoke to take just a few more minutes before they do this when they leave a hospital, as by that time they’ll be off the hospital grounds and well away from entrances.

“This simple delay means they won’t affect NHS staff or patients, some of whom need all the support they can get.

“A few more minutes doesn’t seem a lot to ask.”

This view was shared by Margaret Moncrieff from the South PPF.

Margaret, a non-smoker, from Larkhall, who is also a member of the NHS Lanarkshire group set up to oversee the implementation of the no smoking policy, added: “As the public representative on the group, I’m well aware of how most members of the public feel when they have to walk through smoke around hospital entrances.

“As such, I’d echo Felix’s plea that if those who smoke could delay lighting up their cigarette by just a few more minutes, they’d be helping to improve the hospital environment a great deal which is what we all want.

“It’s very encouraging to see that the vast majority of smokers agree with this.”

If you would like support to give up smoking, NHS Lanarkshire Stop Smoking Service is free, friendly and has helped over 17,000 people quit between 2011-2014 (ISD 2014).

Call:  08452 17 77 07 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) or text:  ‘Advice’ to 81066 

You can also visit: or call Smokeline on 0800 84 84 84 (8am-10pm 7 days) or visit any Lanarkshire pharmacy.
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