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7 August 2013 Getting to grips with Gaelic; Cumbernauld MSP goes to summer school  
7 August 2013 Cumbernauld’s MSP invites public to Strawberry Tea morning 
13 August 2013 Westminster must end silence on welfare reforms, Cumbernauld’s MSP demands 
13 August 2013 Yes vote in 2014 could see community hub established in Cumbernauld to protect consumers 
20 August 2013 Cumbernauld MSP's 'Strawberry Tea' raises over £200 for Breast Cancer Care 
20 August 2013 Cumbernauld's MSP gets to grips with nature; touring town's woods with Scottish Wildlife Trust 
23 August 2013 Cumbernauld MSP Jamie Hepburn demands McCabe apologise over “utterly shameful” behaviour towards eviction-threatened tenant 
25 August 2013 Cumbernauld’s MSP hammers UK Government over failure to pull children out of poverty 
17 September 2013 The diary of events from Cumbernauld’s MSP, for the past few weeks 
17 September 2013 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP Hepburn dubs so-called ‘bedroom tax’ “draconian” 
17 September 2013 Sown into Scottish history; it’s that ‘Nauld connection, as town is immortalised in ‘Great Tapestry’ 
17 September 2013 Cumbernauld’s MP hits out at “sinister” Lobbying Bill 
17 September 2013 Flying in to save the day; Cumbernauld’s MSP takes Carbrain gull misery to Holyrood 
17 September 2013 Town’s MSP talks of “blessed” Cumbernauld’s “remarkable” links to Scots history 
15 November 2013 It is 'neigh' over yet; Scottish Government trot meat changes after Cumbernauld high horsemeat outrage 
20 November 2013 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Trades Council asks how independence could change Cumbernauld, following public meeting 
20 November 2013 Cumbernauld councillor says Croy station is “dangerous” and appeals for regular gritting 
20 November 2013 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP backs same-sex marriage in principle following Holyrood vote 
25 November 2013 Labour MSP says patients are being put at “unnecessary risk” at Monklands Hospital as new report raises more issues 
26 November 2013 Cumbernauld voters to receive pocketsize independence prospectuses as Salmond prepares for white paper launch 
9 December 2013 Aiming to fight "energy greed" and fuel poverty; Cumbernauld residents invited to public meeting, this Thursday 
9 December 2013 Cumbernauld's MSP attacks Labour after private vote is made public, showing Labour members opposed £20m bedroom tax support package 
10 December 2013 Labour MSP attacks Scottish Government white paper as Tax Office job assurances show 'hypocrisy' from No campaign 
13 December 2013 Cumbernauld SSP hold fuel poverty meeting, as SSP leader Colin Fox says Independence could improve Scotland 
13 December 2013 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP Hepburn hits out at pay-day firms' "irresponsible lending" 
21 January 2014 Cumbernauld Burns biographer says the bard would vote Yes 
4 February 2014 Cumbernauld MSP votes for same-sex marriage as Holyrood passes “historic bill” 
6 February 2014 Women invited to hear benefits of independence at Cumbernauld meeting 
25 April 2014 CBI reverse no to Scottish independence stance 
25 April 2014 HMRC jobs are safe in an iScotland; Cumbernauld's MSP outlines 'Yes message' 
1 May 2014 Cumbernauld Gala Day to commemorate WW1 
1 May 2014 Independence would put Scottish pensions at "risk", Cumbernauld's MP claims 
2 May 2014 Town’s MP backs Usdaw’s campaign to stop the Universal Credit disincentive to work 
15 May 2014 Cumbernauld’s shame; town’s link with far-right extremist group 
16 May 2014 Cumbernauld Media's run down of Thursday's European Parliament elections 
19 May 2014 Gregory’s Girl star backs ‘Yes’ vote in #IndyRef 
17 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s MSP says Scots have the “recipe” to be a successful independent country 
17 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s Ann Ballinger explains why she’ll be voting ‘Yes’ 
17 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s Rachel Glover explains why she’ll be voting ‘Yes’ 
17 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s MSP hails Caledonian Sleeper Scots catering announcement 
18 June 2014 Labour stalwart visits Cumbernauld to make pro-UK case 
22 June 2014 Scottish Government Minister to take questions on iScotland at Cumbernauld Q&A 
23 June 2014 Cumbernauld’s MSP attacks UK Minister’s rumoured HMRC #IndyRef visit 
30 June 2014 Yes camp poll puts independence backing at 46% in Seafar area of Cumbernauld 
11 July 2014 One of Cumbernauld town centre's owners backs #IndyRef 'No' vote 
11 July 2014 #IndyRef ‘Yes Cumbernauld’ meeting sets out different cases for Scottish independence 
11 July 2014 Cumbernauld ‘Yes’ campaign to step up its game as #IndyRef countdown passes ten weeks 
11 July 2014 Criticisms over ‘No Thanks’ store in Cumbernauld town centre 
17 July 2014 Nicola Sturgeon to make pro iScotland case in Kilsyth 
17 July 2014 Cumbernauld activists step up pro-UK campaign 
17 July 2014 Outlander actor Sam Heughan backs a Yes vote 
17 July 2014 Town’s MSP congratulates Church on golden anniversary 
17 July 2014 In pictures: Alistair Darling opens Cumbernauld ‘Better Together’ store 
17 July 2014 In pictures: July 10th Yes Cumbernauld meeting 
12 August 2014 Former Scottish Socialist MSP rallies activists at Cumbernauld Theatre #IndyRef discussion 
12 August 2014 Get registered Cumbernauld – don’t miss out on the biggest vote ever 
12 August 2014 In pictures: Sheridan sets out #YesScot case to Cumbernauld voters 
12 August 2014 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s MSP hopes Sturgeon’s Kilsyth date will be “productive” 
12 August 2014 PCS to host #Indyref hustings at Cumbernauld New Town Hall 
24 August 2014 Cumbernauld Tax Office jobs spark #IndyRef war of words 
24 August 2014 Labour claims Cumbernauld Tax Office jobs are under threat from #IndyRef ‘Yes’ vote 
24 August 2014 Letter: PCS Cumbernauld response to tax office jobs threat 
10 September 2014 Cumbernauld school pupil says ‘No Thanks’ to the No campaign 
10 September 2014 Town’s MP says he backs Trident at Cumbernauld Town Hall PCS #IndyRef meeting 
10 September 2014 #IndyRef event draws 400 voters to hear the case for an iScotland 
10 September 2014 Bitter feud over Cumbernauld Tax Office #IndyRef future continues 
10 September 2014 Miliband urges Scots to say ‘No Thanks’ to independence in #IndyRef 
21 November 2014 Cumbernauld's MSP gets promotion in Sturgeon's cabinet reshuffle 
21 November 2014 Cumbernauld News 'biased' say 'Yes' campaigners after Facebook Question of the Week row 
21 November 2014 Cumbernauld Socialists appeal for an 'indy alliance' in 2015 
23 November 2014 The media failed Scotland during the #IndyRef – it’s time to get our act together 
10 December 2014 SNP announce Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East candidate 
10 December 2014 Council bans election lamp-post posters 
10 December 2014 Survey reveals public support for new Westway supermarket 
10 December 2014 Cumbernauld’s MSP urges for council caution on Tesco’s Condorrat bid 
17 December 2014 Fault lines appear as fracking dominates political landscape 
18 December 2014 Who can go the distance? #GE2015 look-ahead for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East 
18 December 2014 Council calls for Scottish Government fracking moratorium 
18 December 2014 Cumbernauld Councillor presses Scottish Government for fracking moratorium 
18 December 2014 SNP councillor hails “victory” for environmentalists 
19 December 2014 Council to press for Scottish fracking moratorium 
19 December 2014 SNP criticise Labour for ‘Thatcher Tax’ support 
19 December 2014 Fracking row continues as SNP say their motion was “ignored” 
22 January 2015 Cumbernauld’s MP faces Trident critics 
22 January 2015 McClymont branded a ‘hypocrite’ over fracking moratorium abstention 
29 January 2015 Cumbernauld’s MP says Ewing moratorium ‘let down’ Scottish communities 
29 January 2015 Area’s MSP calls for local wishes to be ‘respected’ on Abronhill High site decision 
30 January 2015 Political battle-lines drawn over fracking 
3 February 2015 Cumbernauld Socialists campaign for austerity reversal 
4 February 2015 Ashcroft poll shows SNP surge in Cumbernauld 
4 February 2015 Tributes to Cumbernauld’s former provost 
4 February 2015 General Election: Live Updates 
6 February 2015 Swinney outlines local government funding 
6 February 2015 NHS should be excluded from TTIP, Cumbernauld’s MP says 
8 February 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP speaks of Tesco Condorrat ‘concerns’ 
8 February 2015 Closure of Gregory’s Girl high school was ‘wrong’ 
8 February 2015 Area’s MSP ‘seriously concerned’ by out-of-hours proposals 
8 February 2015 Political jousting over railway franchising 
11 February 2015 Labour source says Cumbernauld seat loss would be a “humiliation” 
11 February 2015 ‘Carbuncle’ image for Cumbernauld is a “good thing”, says councillor 
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld Tax Office ‘assurances’ sought 
8 March 2015 SNP formally ‘adopt’ Cumbernauld #GE2015 contender  
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP launches Out of Hours survey 
8 March 2015 Cumbernauld Tax Office closure proposals are “shocking”, says MSP  
6 May 2015 Poll position: Poll of polls put SNP on course to take Cumbernauld seat 
6 May 2015 Polls open in 14 hours: remember to use your vote in #GE2015 
6 May 2015 Cumbernauld Tax Office enters #GE2015 battle again ahead of polls opening in 12 hours 
8 May 2015 SNP snatch Cumbernauld #GE2015 seat 
19 May 2015 Britain First might stand for Cumbernauld Holyrood seat 
21 May 2015 Cumbernauld's MP is officially sworn in 
21 May 2015 Cunningham comes to Cumbernauld for Scots Apprenticeship Week 
21 May 2015 Britain First hit back at impersonation claims 
5 June 2015 Politicians express RBS Cumbernauld branch closure concerns 
24 June 2015 Leading from the left 
24 June 2015 SNP duo welcome Cumbernauld Colts’ acceptance to the Lowland League 
16 July 2015 Town’s former MP finds new job 
16 July 2015 MP McDonald makes maiden speech 
16 July 2015 Cumbernauld’s MSP endorsed by party as 2016 candidate 
5 September 2015 MP receives heart-touching letter from 7-year-old constituent 
11 September 2015 Cumbernauld Labour back Burnham 
11 September 2015 In hot water; town’s politicians demand answers from Scottish Water 
11 September 2015 RISE party to launch Cumbernauld branch 
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