Cumbernauld ‘Yes’ campaign to step up its game as #IndyRef countdown passes ten weeks

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:06 on 11 July 2014.
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A FOURTH mass canvass of the attitudes of some Cumbernauld voters towards the prospects of an independent Scotland will be undertaken by the local pro-independence campaign group, ‘Yes Cumbernauld’, next week.

Yes Cumbernauld will have held three mass canvass events by this Sunday, after the group held mass canvass events on June 29 and July 6, with a third event planned for this Sunday, in Abronhill. 

Early next week, however, campaigners are hoping to launch a major offensive and talk to more voters than any previous campaign event, with the SNP opposition group at North Lanarkshire Council set to come to Cumbernauld for a late afternoon campaign workday.

“On Monday July 14th the SNP group at North Lanarkshire Council are taking part in a mass canvass in the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth area for Yes Scotland,” a spokesperson for the group confirmed. 

The mass canvass on Monday afternoon will come after three preceding events; the first on June 29, across Seafar and Ravenswood; the second on July 6, across Balloch and Craigmarloch; and, the third on 13 July, across the Abronhill area of the town.

Monday’s canvass session will attack the large number of houses throughout the Eastfield area of Cumbernauld, however, as ‘Yes’ campaigners up their efforts to win as many hearts, heads and minds before the referendum on Scottish independence in just under 10 weeks’ time. 

“We will be meeting at 4.30pm and 6.30pm at the car park next to the Smiddy Inn, Ben Lawers Drive, Eastfield, Cumbernauld, G68 9ND (off of the Balloch Loop Road)”, a spokesperson for Yes North Lanarkshire confirmed. 

Monday’s mass canvass will come after three such preceeding events; the first being undertaken on June 29 in the Seafar and Ravenswood area of Cumbernauld, where campaigners spoke to over a hundred voters and found support for independence at 46 per cent, whilst the ‘No’ vote was at 25.4%, with 28.6 per cent of voters telling the campaigners that they were undecided.

Then, on July 6, campaigners headed out across the Balloch and Craigmarloch area of Cumbernauld; speaking to over 200 people and finding a “brilliant response”, which has encouraged the local pro-independence campaign group to make mass canvass events a “regular occurrence”, according a campaign insider.

The next mass canvass will be held on Sunday 13 July at 1.30pm, meeting at Abronhill shopping centre, Larch Road, Abronhill, as the countdown clock ticks down to the final nine weeks of the battle over Scotland’s future.

“On Monday 14th July we will be hosting the North Lanarkshire SNP Council Group who are undertaking a mass canvas in each of North Lanarkshire's 5 parliamentary constituencies, and this time its Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's turn to host,” a Yes Cumbernauld spokesman explained.”

Voters in Scotland will vote on whether Scotland should split from the rest of the United Kingdom in less than ten weeks’ time, on September 18; answering the ‘Yes/ No’ question, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’
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