Cumbernauld activists step up pro-UK campaign

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:56 on 17 July 2014.
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14-07-2014 - By Scott Campbell (+44) 0774 296 870 - No Thanks store opening, at Cumbernauld Town Centre; Picture 4.
Alastair Darling met people while at the new HQ. Picture: Cumbernauld Media.

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CAMPAIGNERS making the case for Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom are stepping up their activity in and around Cumbernauld and Kilsyth as the impending referendum looms large. 

Scots will go to the polls on September 18 and answer the straight ‘Yes/No’ question, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ – only eight weeks and six days away.

Ahead of the vote, campaigners for the pro-independence group, ‘Yes Scotland’ and pro-union group ‘Better Together’ will become more active and visible than ever before, with the ‘Better Together’ campaign set to orchestrate campaign  activities from their new shop in Cumbernauld Town Centre.

Former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling officially opened the new ‘No Thanks’ shop in Cumbernauld Town Centre on Monday afternoon (14 July), but his visit was criticised by some, with local activists in ‘Yes Cumbernauld’ hitting out at the new store; claiming town centre management had refused permission for the group to have a stall in the centre. 

Now, however, the new ‘No Thanks’ store appears to have been opened to the public, and will serve as an information base, operational office and campaigning hub, up until the vote in September.

The first such campaigning was known as ‘Blether Together’ – Better Together’s telephone canvassing campaign.

Local organisers had been appealing for interested local campaigners to head up to the new shop in Cumbernauld Town Centre yesterday evening (16 July) to participate in local telephone canvassing. A variety of events are expected to be orchestrated from the new base, in Forth Walk, as the referendum draws closer.

Voters in Scotland will go the polls on Thursday 18 September and answer the straightforward ‘Yes/No’ question, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’
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