#IndyRef event draws 400 voters to hear the case for an iScotland

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:21 on 10 September 2014.
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A car cavalcade for part of the day's proceedings.                                                                                                                                                           Picture: Cumbernauld Media.

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SOME four hundred local voters headed to Cumbernauld’s Link Community Facility late last month, as the countdown to the referendum passed four week mark. 

‘Yes to Independence’ was an event organised by a dedicated trio of local campaigners – all of who committed themselves to organising what was became one of the biggest ‘Yes’ campaign events to be held in Cumbernauld.

With an array of events planned for the event – which took place on August 24th – at the town’s Link Community Facility, some four hundred interested local residents trudged through the Facility over the course of the day.

The pinnacle of day’s rally call to ‘Yes’ campaigners was a discussion on the future of Scotland between Cumbernauld South SNP councillor, Paddy Hogg; Tommy Sheridan, co-convenor of the Solidarity Party; Sharon Anderson from the Indy Groups campaign group; and, John MacKay from Business for Scotland – the pro-independence campaign group making the business and economic case for Scottish independence – all chaired by local campaigner, Liam Stevenson.

Kicking off at 1pm on August 24th, the  event ran until after 5pm, when a cavalcade of vehicles decked out in ‘Yes’ paraphernalia set off from Cumbernauld New Town Hall, to Strathclyde Country Park – all in an effort to promote the Yes campaign. 

Organised by Kilsyth resident Cheryl-Marie Healy, Cumbernauld’s Iain MacGregor, and Archie Turner, also from Cumbernauld – the event attracted some 400 folk through the doors over the course of the day, although the debate managed to attract over 200 interested voters to hear the variety of cases being made for a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming independence referendum. 

Herded into the event by a piper, attendees were greeted with a barrage of ‘Yes’ materials, musical entertainment from Citizen Smart, Bill Hall from MacFloyd, and Argonaut Sounds, a number of stalls – including one from Wings Over Scotland – and a lively debate that turned into a rally call for ‘Yes’ campaigners to pound the pavements, chap the doors and talk to family and friends to “win the referendum”.

The day’s festivities culminated with the departure of the ‘Yes’ cavalcade from Cumbernauld New Town Hall – an event which seen some 20 cars, all decked out in Yes bunting, posters and stickers – head out onto the town’s roads, where they went their separate ways, before meeting up again at Strathclyde Country Park. 
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