Cumbernauld Socialists appeal for an 'indy alliance' in 2015

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 20:08 on 21 November 2014.
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The local Socialist branch was active during the referendum campaign. Picture: Scott Campbell for Cumbernauld Media.

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MEMBERS of the Cumbernauld Scottish Socialist Party have this evening (21st November) shown a united front, in calling for an 'independence alliance', ahead of next year's Westminster General Election.

The local party branch says an "independence alliance" at next's UK-wide General Election would benefit represent the shifting nature of Scottish politics, after the independence referendum.

Representatives of the local Socialist branch say that they will write away to other local pro-independence, and ask them to consider any such partnership - which supporters say would 'hold' Westminster to account over the promises of more powers for the Scottish Parliament, in the run-up to September's referendum.

Kevin McVey is the National Secretary of the Scottish Socialist Party, and a member of the branch in Cumbernauld. He has made the case for an 'independence alliance', on behalf of the Cumbernauld branch.

Kevin explains: “The last two years have witnessed the birth of an independence moment that has embraced various political parties and countless more who have never been involved in campaigning before. This energy and engagement was unprecedented and the subsequent growth in the membership of Scotland’s pro-independence parties shows the enormous appetite for continuing to build for independence and to hold the Unionist parties to their pre-referendum promises of more powers. This political pressure could be maintained by considering standing single candidates on an alliance ticket.” 

According to Mr McVey, the Scottish Socialists believe that any such electoral alliance could "heap further pressure on Labour and its support for the Union and the Westminster parties’ austerity programme".

Mr McVey added: “The referendum results shows that Labour’s stranglehold on working class Scotland is beginning to break. By offering voters the alternative of an independence alliance this could help maximise the number of MP’s who would support full powers for the Scottish Parliament and challenge the austerity cuts already accepted by Labour and the Tories. We will continue to campaign for our vision of an independent, socialist Scotland but appreciate that there is a real demand for the hopes of the 1.6million Yes voters and others to be represented on the ballot paper in 2015 and the idea of the independence alliance is one that we feel should be considered.”

Local SSP members will be writing to local representatives of the other pro-independence parties to invite them to discuss this proposal further.
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