Cumbernauld’s bad parkers ‘shamed’ online

Written by Scott Campbell, Cumbernauld Media's Senior Reporter.

Published at 19:03 on 12 July 2015

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The Facebook page aims to "shame" bad parkers in Cumbernauld. Picture: Facebook.

BAD parkers in Cumbernauld had better beware, with a Facebook page aiming to “shame” the town’s notorious parking menaces gaining popularity by the day.

A number of ‘parked like an idiot’ pages have sprouted up on Facebook, in various forms, over the past few months, with pages for towns throughout North Lanarkshire, including Airdrie, as well as Scotland’s major cities, such as Glasgow. 

The pages attract huge attention from local drivers, with most page fans determined to name and shame parking offenders.

Set up last month, the ‘Parked like an idiot in Cumbernauld’ Facebook page has already attracted nearly 1,000 fans.

Once somebody has liked the page, fans begin posting pictures of badly parked vehicles in and around Cumbernauld, with the attention so far focussed on the car park at Cumbernauld’s ASDA megastore. 

The page’s administrators say that the page was set up after they had “seen a few of these pages but not one for Cumbernauld”, with the ultimate aim of the page to “shame the drivers who can't park.”

In 2013, Purple Parking partnered with road safety charity Brake, with the publication of a joint survey by both organisations for Road Safety Week.

The survey showed that some 51% of British drivers admit to some form of anti-social parking behaviour, including damaging vehicles, damaging public or private property, getting involved in an argument or leaving the scene of a parking incident without leaving details.

According to the poll, nearly a third (30%) of drivers have caused damage to their own or another person's vehicle when parking, and 21 per cent of drivers have left a scene without leaving their details. 

Results from the joint survey also found that some 70 per cent of British drivers have parked, or seen another driver park, in a disabled or family parking space, illegally.