Cumbernauld dazzled by spectacular light show as thunder and lightning streak across central Scotland

Written by Scott Campbell. Scott Campbell
Published at 00:53 on 15 December 2013.
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Met Office says Sunday will be a wet, cold day. Logo: Met Office.

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LATE on Saturday (14 December) night, Cumbernauld residents were left dazzled, excited and, undoubtedly, in some cased, scared as thunder and lightning forked across the night sky. 

Residents of Cumbernauld did as they always do, and took to social media. Most people used micro-blogging website Twitter to express their surprise at the weather phenomena tearing across the skies above them.

Comments posted on the social media website include: “Omg I cant sleep because of whats either thunder, or Godzilla invading cumbernauld”, and, “Stunning massive fork lightning in Cumbernauld. The kind you see on tv. Beautiful. Big storm!”

The Met Office had warned people that from midnight on Sunday morning Cumbernauld would see temperatures dip to 7c, with heavy rain, and 33 mph gusts of wind - thunder and lightning was not, however, predicted on the Met Office forecast.

According to comments on Twitter, the storm has created some impressive patterns for night owls and party goers to enjoy, with one Twitter user commenting: “Some really impressive forks of lightning over Cumbernauld in Central Scotland this evening”

According to’s Lightning Detector, which utilises the ATD lightning detection system from the Met Office, lightning has been striking every twenty-one to thirty minutes, with eight recording in the last hour.

Only minutes ago, however, the ATD Lightning Detector confirmed the strike rate was 13 per hour, between one and twenty minutes, across the central belt of Scotland. 

Meanwhile, the latest update from has confirmed that 2.2mm of rain fell in Cumbernauld between 11.30pm on Saturday and 00.30am on Sunday.

Radar pictures from 00.30am show the storm appears to moving east, towards Edinburgh, with ATD lightning detection showing that strikes in Cumbernauld have been downgraded to every half an hour, as the clouds pass, and the sky begins to clear.

Forecasts for the rest of today (15 December) suggest that Cumbernauld will have a top temperature of 8c, with persistent cloud cover, and heavy rain between 3pm and 6pm, this afternoon. The wind is expected to die down in the coming hours, with gusts, however, expected to reach 38 mph at noon.

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